Thursday, June 2, 2011



I am feeling tugged in two directions here lately. Maybe it is because I had such great hopes to be able to get outdoors, explore our world and share it with all of you, and so far that just hasn’t happened. Selena and I are growing a wee bit tired of the normal sit down school work, and while the outdoors is beckoning us, the rains seem relentless. Of course it is a fairly decent day today and we are yet again in the house since I have a planning meeting this afternoon for our VBS and other church activities for the children through the summer.

We have about 28 more States to go, and while part of me wants to just continue to plug away until they are finished, the other part of me is truly seeing Selena begging the question, “Can’t we just put it away for now and move on to the world around us like we did last summer?” I don’t blame her one bit, she has worked so hard all year in all her studies.

We will be continuing to learn, and we will continue to share. I will keep this carnival going even when we do not have much to share that week. I am sure some of you are reaching a point in your studies, where things will be trimmed back, slowed down, if not taking the summer off.

I do want to mention to any of you who are interested in a Postcard Swap there is one starting up at Starts By Eight. You might just want to pop over and check it out.

Ok, now it is your turn, tell us what your summer plans are in the comments and link any Geography or History post below. Wow! I just realized this is going up a day late, see how a long weekend can throw everything off!

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  1. For the summer, we are planning to focus our attention on our own state of NY. I don't know if I will post regularly about it or not, but I'm sure I will post to some extent. We're probably going to sneak in at least one more state study before stay with NY, though.
    I really hope that the weather improves for you so that you and Selena can get outside and enjoy! :)

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  3. (I deleted the previous comment because for some reason Blogger posted it twice! Sorry!)

  4. It's pouring here again today - so I'm with you! We are soooooooo ready for summer. But, I'll take a cozy day of movies and books inside, over the violent weather they've been having in the east.
    As to geography and history - if we ever get to make any road trips, I'm sure we'll have some to share :)

  5. We have an unusually rainy spring here too. It's very unusual for us to have rain at this time, yet it rained every day this week. This time around I decided to take it easy and to immerse more in the country if we have enough material to last several weeks. For example, I think it's our third week in England. We might move on once I come back from my business trip.

  6. We're taking a bit of a break from the "formal" geography lessons. I love them but the kids seem to be a bit burnt out. I think when we share geography posts, it will be about trips we take, rather than book lessons.