Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Science/Legs

Science Sunday

Selena had been playing with this red ribbon all day long. She kept trying to tie it around her legs, and finally asked me to tie it for her. I asked her one question first, “If I tie this around your legs do you think you will be able to walk?” She felt that she would be able to.


Of course her first attempt proved her idea of walking as wrong. She wasn’t ready to give up yet.


She decided that maybe if she held her arms out to the side that would make the difference. She explained to me that her arms would provide better balance. Yes, she fell again. She got back up again with her arms out straight and I asked her if she thought walking backwards would be any better.


Oooops she went down again. She then sat up and explained that her legs were too important for walking and we needed to untie them NOW! She must have had fun with this though, as it wasn’t too long and she was asking Papa to tie her legs up again, that time she just hopped like a kangaroo.

I am linking this up at Adventures in Mommydum’s Sunday Science.

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  1. My kids like to do things like this too. I love the curiosity and the need to figure it all out. How cute that Selena realized she could hop with her legs tied.

  2. That is good problem solving. My kids liketo do that too

  3. I agree with Ticia...excellent problem solving :)

  4. I like the way she was thinking through the problem. My kids would have just headed for the stairs :)

  5. Fun experiment. We did something similar with thumbs once to discuss an importance of an opposable thumb.

  6. Sounds like she had fun. I agree that was great thinking. Amazing to see how her mind was working.