Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mirror Fun

The other night while Selena and I were playing with her Magna Doodle, I thought it would be fun to try to trick her.


I wrote her name backwards. I got a surprise when she figured out what it said, but I still made her go in with me to see what would happen when she read it while I held it up to the mirror.


She was a wee bit surprised over this phenomenon. I tried to explain the concept of the mirror image, but she still didn’t understand that, she just thought it was cool that my backwards writing looked correct in the mirror. Her poor head kept turning from the mirror back to the magna doodle to see if I had tricked her by rewriting it or something. Then she would look back in the mirror, with the same excitement and a bit of surprise on her face. Now I really wish we had a full length mirror, in this house so we could explore this in a much easier manner then this. I guess you know what is going on my “want or need list”.

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  1. Cute! It is so fun to show them something like that and watch the wonderment in their eyes. Stopping by from the HHH and hope you can visit sometime. http://bobjenjack.blogspot.com

  2. I'll have to try this with R.

  3. I remember doing that with my oldest one, and trying to get him to concept that the mirror is a reverse image of him was a very exciting thing for him. I tied a ribbon around his wrist to help him get the concept and instead of telling him it was and reverse image, I had to tell him it was a reflection and we had to go and stand on the side of our car, look into a lake, and anything else that gave him a reflection. He says "oh mom!, its just me looking back at me, so if I stand ever here, then my ribbon will be on the side it is in the reflection". It was so funny when the light bulb went on. LOVE THE HAHA MOMENTS!

  4. I don't think I would be able to write in a mirror script :)

  5. I used to write in mirror script for fun sometimes.....

  6. Playing with mirrors was one of my favorite things as a child - backwards writing, seeing infinity, walking on the ceiling, you name it - they're so much fun!