Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Geography/History Mississippi


Selena had overheard the Pastor’s wife mention that she was from Mississippi, so of course she just had to study Mississippi this week. She went to our wall map and found it with great ease.

100_4798 I asked her how she knew that Mississippi was located there on the map. Her answer cracked me up, “Carrie always says she is from down South, so I guessed Mississippi was at the bottom of the map.” Good answer!

100_4799 Again Selena found Mississippi very easily on her outline map. I asked her what color she was going to color it, she informed me brown. I asked her why brown since there wasn’t any brown in the State flag, she again referred to Carrie, and said “Because Carrie was wearing a brown dress on Sunday.” Do you think Selena likes Carrie?

100_4800 Selena proceeded to read Mississippi from the map I printed out, she called it “The Madenole State.” Pretty close since it is The Magnolia State. That was quite a word for her to try to pronounce and read.

Mississippi Mississippi2 Selena helped assemble her scrapbook pages. Remarking after we had looked up interesting information about Mississippi that a lot of States have Milk as their drink, but that is a good thing as she loves milk. She also commented on the Largemouth Black Bass as the State fish, stating that Papa would love to catch one of those. At this point Selena lost interest, and grabbed hoppy to go off and do something else.

Now it is your turn to share with us what you are studying in your home in Geography or History. Link your post up below.

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  1. It must be so fun to teach her since she is so bright!

  2. I noticed the same thing about milk. That and honey bees, are very common insects.

  3. How sweet, that she wanted to color it brown to match the dress!

  4. thanks for asking me to join the link up !!

  5. Great study, and I liked Selena's logical answers to the location of Mississipi.

  6. I second Natalie's comment...good job Selena :)