Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bible Curriculum Review

A while back Ticia from Adventures in Mommydum sent me a copy of her bible study she wrote for children. It is titled Job is Tested. It arrived and life took over so I am just now getting around to doing my review. Sorry, Ticia it took me so long. Selena and I have been working our way through this book over the last couple of weeks. Selena really enjoyed the illustrations, and they are done in such away that they really do reflect the story very nicely. I have to say that Selena did get confused over how to pronounce Job’s name. I expected that though considering to her it should be job (Papa has a job), this cracked me up as we read the stories together.
The study is broke up into sections, each section is a description of who Job was, and what he endured while being tested. The story that Ticia has laid out is very child friendly, and easy to read. I really appreciated that she was able to keep it right on target with the account in the bible.
God looked down at Satan, “Then have you seen my servant Job? There is no one like him. He fears God and shuns evil.”
At the end of each section there are questions about the story. I again appreciated the fact that she had questions for both older children and younger children. While any child could answer the first questions, the second set is more hands on and geared for the older child.
Younger Kids
1. Who first brought up Job? As you can simply see from the text insert above this question would be very easy for a child to answer.
Middle Kids
1. Was Job important? Give Proof? Now you can see where she is asking the child to do a bit more processing of the material they have just read.
Older Guy
1. The first 3 verses describe who Job is. Describe yourself. Now not only are they looking at Job, but they are examining who they are making a comparison. I think here is where the bible itself could come into action especially with the older child. I also think this would be a great bible study for a group of children to discuss in more depth.
Ticia then included projects. The projects can be done by all ages. It is easy enough for the younger child, as well as having the potential for more in depth activities for the older child as well.
I only found one con, I would like to see more of a bible reference inserted in, especially for older children. I think it is important for children to see how bible references are written, plus for the older children they are asked to look at specific verses, it would be nice to have the bible reference from the get go so they could have their bibles open and learning to follow along.
While Selena struggled a bit with some of the questions, reasonably so considering her age, I have no doubt that this would be a curriculum that could be used with a child of Kindergarten on up. Selena was able to answer many of the easy questions with a little bit of direction or explanation on my part. Ticia did a very nice job putting this curriculum together. I would recommend stopping by and letting Ticia know that she now needs to see about having this published, or making it available for your family to use. You can visit her post about this curriculum here.
While Ticia and I are bloggy friends she sent this to me for my honest opinion. I did not receive any compensation, nor did I use the fact that we are friends to influence my review. My review is based on my honest opinion.
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  1. We just recently got started on our copy too, and we are enjoying it.

  2. I always liked reading Ticia's blog post. She seems to have a knack of making Biblical events easier to digest. I have to say though that I don't care much for Job's story - one of those parts of the Old Testament where I go "whoa!"

  3. Thanks for that AWESOME review.

    Can you shot me an email with a specific example of what you're meaning by more Bible references. I tried whenever possible to include the references they were needing, but I'm sure I missed some or wrote it in short hand that I know what I mean, but not everyone else does.