Sunday, April 10, 2011

Favorite Resources This Week

Favorite Resource This Week


While trying to catch up from being unplugged this week I came across a Linky that I feel will be very helpful to all of us. Susan at Learning all the Time started this linky. For one reason or another she almost dropped it, but I know I am sure glad she didn’t. I know Selena and I will contribute and share, as well enjoy discovering all the other wonderful resources that are being used by others.

With being unplugged from the Internet this week I feel we were very blessed in many ways. We were allowed two days of beautiful weather, and were finally able to get outside and have some fun. Last year Selena had a lot of fun with her sidewalk chalk, but this year it truly became a very fun and valuable learning tool for her. She enjoyed drawing smiley faces and writing Hi all over the sidewalk, even right up to the neighbor’s front door, (don’t worry he is a school teacher and loves to see all of her accomplishments!")

I think the activity I loved the most was watching Selena make her own hopscotch game. She told me where to make the boxes, and she numbered them herself.


She eventually informed me that I needed to add three more boxes for her so she could have a total of ten boxes on her hopscotch, now if that isn’t math right off the top of her head I don’t know what is. She had so much fun picking the perfect rock, and while her aim was way off, so she finally dropped the rock in the box it was suppose to be in, she had so much fun counting from 1 to 10, then turning around and counting back from 10 to 1.

100_4659 Sometimes it is just the simple things and a little imagination that can create the best learning moments.

I encourage you to think about your favorite resource this week, and share it with all of us at Learning all the Time.

I am also linking this post up at Joyful Learner’s Math Links.

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    We just made a hopscotch too! Thank you for linking and participating. Just wanted to let you know that we will be moving to a new location starting this Monday. Hope you can stop by and link to love2learn2day!

  2. Debbie,
    Thanks SO much for your kind comments and support!! :)
    It truly looks like Selena had so much fun, and it's great when simple things encourage so much learning!

  3. Chalk is good for so many things, I agree sometimes it's the simplest things taht are the best.

  4. We need to get our chalk out more often! Anna loves hopscotch too, but so far she is just hopping without a rock. How neat that Selena made her own hopscotch.

  5. I'll check out the linky. My kids love hopscotch! Don't you just love nice neighbors?