Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Science Learning to Eat Fruit

Science Sunday

For those who have followed my blog for a while you know that we have struggled with a picky eater. Selena has never liked fruits or vegetables. Lately I reported that she did finally try green beans and really likes them. She recently started eating a little bit of apple, but it isn’t something she truly likes. This week I decided to do a little experiment with her to see how she would react to a brand new fresh fruit.


I placed a half an apple, since I had already ate half of it, and a pear on a plate. Selena thought at first that both were apples. I didn’t say anything different and just started to cut the pear while Selena examined the apple for the apple seeds. Once the pear was cut in half Selena quickly found the seeds and informed me that they look the same as the apple seeds, so yes this had to be an apple as I kept asking her if she was sure the pear was indeed an apple.

100_4529 She took a taste of the apple, and as I said she will eat apple, just not a lot of apple. It certainly is not a favorite fruit. But look what happened when she tried the pear.


She actually ate over half the pear! At this point I told her that this was not an apple but a pear. We discussed where apples and pears grow. I then asked her to describe to me the differences in the apple and the pear. She said the pear was smoother, and softer. I asked her about the flavor and she said the pear was sweeter. I now know that I need to buy pears instead of apples if I want Selena to eat fruit.


She truly could not get enough of the sweet pear! Good job Selena for being such a brave little champ and trying something new.

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  1. Very creative! i have to do this because i have some children who think pears are apples to. The sense of taste certainly will help out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Have you tried the Asian pears? The big, round ones. They are delish!

  3. Joyful Learner, I have never seen the Asian pears where we live.

  4. Sweet pictures! I'm visiting from Science Sunday and I'm your newest follower!


  5. Hooray! We all love pears. I see that she is using that new water bottle too!

  6. Does she like crunchy foods? My son loves the freeze dried fruit by Brothers All Natural (peaches, apples, and even bananas, which he won't touch fresh) and also by Just Tomatoes (blueberries, raspberries, steawberries). We just did a color wheel craft related to nutrition to try to get him to eat more fruits and veggies - We are also working on one new food per week. Hopefully Serena has passed her pickiest phase!

  7. Interesting. The odd thing is I'm not sure if I've ever actually had a pear. I'm just a big apple fan.

    YEAH for her eating more fruit!

  8. I hope this will help Selena eat more fruit! This is one food group we never had any problems with - Anna was always game for any fresh fruit. I like how you "tricked" her into tasting something new and let her discover new taste.