Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Fun

We had to take advantage of all the snow we received. While I cleared the snow off the car Selena and Pal ran around the front yard. Selena enjoyed how easily the snow packed together to form snow balls, and just in general explored every aspect of the snow. When I finished clearing the car, I turned to have some fun too.

Selena wanted to make snow angels, so she laid in the snow, and got the arms moving up and down like wings while her legs moved more like she was trying to ride a bike. I had to reach down and show her how to move her legs in rhythm with her arms. I took her a few tries but she finally got it put together. Then she was off to not only make snow angels all over our front yard but in the neighbor’s front yard too.



She decided to initiate a snow ball fight with me. She laughed and giggled as she chased me around throwing her little snow balls at me. She hit me several times and even got sneaky about it catching me off guard a few times. I was throwing them back at her and she just thought it was hilarious when they hit her. I was surprised a couple of them that I threw hit her in the face, but she didn’t mind one bit as she spit the snow out and I went over to help her clear the snow off her face, there I would find a smile from ear to ear.

All of this went on for about an hour before the winds started blowing and boy brother were they cold winds. I said it was time to go into the house, and Selena took off running only to forget that the neighbor fenced his back yard, she was trapped and couldn’t go anywhere. With a little persuasion she came in and we warmed up after getting out of our wet clothes.

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  1. The wind really is the worst, that's what gets me most of the time.

    Our little snow wasn't enough to make snow angels, so my kids haven't done that yet. It looks like she had a lot of fun.

  2. It's awesome that Selena could have this winter fun and directly go back to her warm house. She must have been thrilled to experience this winter wonderland.

  3. I've made as much hot chocolate, and cleaned up as many piles of wet, snowy clothes, as I can handle for one winter - so we're ignoring the white stuff, now. But, I'm glad Selena got to burn off some energy, and have fun in the snow!