Saturday, February 5, 2011

What My Child Is Reading

Reading this week has been quite unusual around here. Selena did not want to put the books aside from last week to listen to the ones I had picked out for this week. We did get them read, but her favorites by far were all the books we read last week. We have been going through the “I want it my way” and “Me Me Me” attitude here lately with Selena. At times it seems like she just doesn’t want to listen to a thing we have to say instead she just wants to plunge head on into activities that she chooses with no regard to the house rules. Sometimes I feel like we spend more energy telling Selena “NO”, reminding her of the house rules, and taking away privileges then we do anything else. Oh for the love of a 4 year old, even with all the rough times we know that she is learning everyday and it is our job to just make sure she is learning to be respectful, loving, caring, and all the other fine qualities that she will need to be a great individual.

51HZ19DG6CL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_ The Cabbage Soup Solution by Erika Oller is a cute story about a woman who for years has raised cabbage. Daily she would pick the cabbage and take them to town to sell. She suddenly discovers that her cabbage is disappearing, in an attempt to discover what is happening she decides to stay up in her cabbage patch all night long, only to fall asleep then wake with a terrible cold. She goes home and climbs in bed. Her cats head off to work to help out the best they can. The next morning she wakes and gets ready to go pick some vegetables for soup, to discover that the vegetables have already been picked and are sitting on her front porch. With her cats by her side she makes her pot of soup, as they sit down to eat she discovers they have company. Now the picture is very clear why her cabbage has been disappearing. Leave it to the cats though they made the little thieves help their owner plant a whole new garden. At first after reading Duck Soup last week, Selena wasn’t sure she wanted this book read and kept taking it away from me only to bring me a different book. Once we finally read it she discovered that just because it said soup in the title did not mean it was going to be like any other book with soup in the title.


The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Lauren Thompson Illustrated by Jonathan Bean is a cute simple story. It starts out with This is the apple that went into the pie that Papa baked, and goes on to the tree, the roots, the rain and so on until finally it comes back around to this is the apple pie that papa baked for me. The pages are a little busy as for the illustrations, but Selena enjoyed the rhyme and now sings it quite a bit as she thumbs through the book. It would be a cute book to go along with a unit on apples for a preschooler, since it really does cover many aspects of how the apple got into that pie.

61bXs2TbP8L._SL500_AA300_ The Bear with Sticky Paws Goes to School by Clara Vulliamy is a cute story about a little girl who decides she doesn’t want to go to school. She throws down her bag, and informs her mom she wants to stay home. Suddenly the door bell rings, and there is a bear in the door way. He invites her to go to his school. At first this all sounds fine and dandy and fun. It isn’t long though that the girl is wanting to do the things she is use to doing in her school, while the bear is wanting to do nothing but play. In the end the little girl decides his school is not that fun and she decides her school is better. I thought it was a cute way of teaching that the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, but is it really?

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  1. That's amusing she didn't want to finish the story because of the name soup

  2. Oh, your first sentence just described Anna perfectly. It's good to know that she is not the only 4 year old with an attitude. We own the last book on your list, and it's very enjoyable. We also had some experiences with Anna not wanting to read a book because she didn't like the title or the illustrations style. Thanks for joining WMCIR.

  3. That must mean you had really good books last week!

  4. Thanks so much for including a review of The Bear With Sticky Paws in you blog. We have posted a link on our facebook page. We hope you will friend us and visit our blog at
    Happy Reading,
    Elizabeth Bennett
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  5. We haven't read any of these. Thanks for the new ideas.