Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Give a Child a Magnet


Basketball season is here. Papa has to watch just about every game on the TV, which leaves Selena a wee bit bored as she wants his attention, or play a family game. Some evenings I just get wore out trying to keep her occupied and entertained. On one such nights I gathered up almost every magnet I could find in the house and a pile of paper clips. Selena had a good hour of fun.

100_4334 Of course she knows magnets stick to many surfaces in our house, but she had a blast discovering all the objects she could pick up with them. We even threw a few different items in the mix like paper, which she discovered the magnet would not pick up, but the right magnet held under the paper with a paper clip on top, move the magnet and the paper clip magically moved across the paper too. She was really surprised when she picked up a pipe cleaner with a magnet.

100_4338 Then we found two magnets that were opposite polarized. Wow what a surprise Selena got when she tried to put them together. We quickly had a discussion on why this was so, which I don’t think she quite understood, but that didn’t stop her enthusiasm one bit. She then tried every magnet she had to see if she could get the same result.

Just give a child a magnet and you can give them a good hour of fun, give them more then one magnet and let them just explore.

I know this isn’t quite geography related, but I have a doctor’s appointment this week, just a check up nothing major, so we will be around and see what all of you are studying in geography this week so long as you link your post up below.

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  1. Magnets are a lot of fun. WE just watched a cute Curious George about magnets.

  2. We don't have strong magnets in the house, because we have a lot of electronics. Magnets and electronics don't mix well. But Anna has a blast building with her magna tiles - it's hugely popular. I am thankful that Lars doesn't watch sports :)

  3. I've got a magnet kit I'm waiting to break out for some day.

    Back when I was student teaching all of the kids told me how last year one of the kids erased the teacher's computer with the magnets.

    But, he did discover that magnets stick to computers.

  4. Magnets are not only fun for kids...I actually can entertain myself for a while with those things lol.

    I consider myself lucky that my husband is not a big sports watcher. He likes to watch the big things (like Superbowl, etc) and he will watch an occasional fight with his brother but that is about it.