Saturday, January 15, 2011

What My Child is Reading


A Mouse Told His Mother by Bethany Roberts illustrations by Maryjane Begin was one of Selena’s finds at the library. This is a cute story about a little mouse who tells his mother, “I am going on a trip.” His mother says, “It is bedtime.” Then the game begins. Throughout the story as his mom gets him ready for bed the little mouse brings his trip to life through his imagination. We enjoyed how his mother just moved him through the ritual of getting ready for bed all the while listening and playing along with his little imaginary trip, for instance, she reminded him that he needed to take his toothbrush with him to the moon. Of course he made sure he had a round trip ticket to come back home to his cozy, safe bed.


The Sandwich Swap by Rania Al. Abdullah and Kelly Dipucchio, illustrations by Tricia Tusa was recommended by Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. While Selena did not really enjoy this book as well as I had hoped, I felt the book was very well representing to the goal of acceptance and tolerance. I do believe this will be a book we will revisit again as I feel it is one that given a little more time Selena would greatly enjoy.

While we did a lot of reading this week, many of our readings I have already reviewed.

I am linking this up at Natalie’s What My Child Is Reading.

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  1. Muse told his mother sounds very cute

  2. Mouse book sounds cute. Anna liked Sandwich Swap but didn't mind to send it back to the library in a week. Usually she keeps her favorites for ever and ever.