Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Science/Slugs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Science Sunday

Did that title catch your attention? We might not have seen a snail, we definitely have a puppy dog tail in our home, but we did get to explore a slug. Yes, our mudroom attracts all sorts of critters, isn’t it wonderful? I’ve been thinking for sometime we needed to explore a slug, but I didn’t really want to bring one in my house for Selena to explore. Well, I didn’t have to, as I went to take the garbage out I happened to look down to discover this little guy or gal, which ever it might be.

100_4316 Instead of taking it in for Selena to observe, I brought Selena to it. She was disappointed that I couldn’t find her magnifying glass, but since she wouldn’t leave it alone I put it up and now I don’t remember where I put it. Reminder to self, must find the magnifying glass.


Now we had Papa’s attention, who came out to see what we were doing. Selena proudly informed him that slugs are in the same family as a snail, but they don’t have a shell. I corrected her and said that some do have a soft shell or an internal shell. Of course she asked what internal meant, so we discussed the meaning of that word as well. She watched as the slug raised it’s head really high then turned from side to side. She asked where the slime was, and we showed her the trail along which the slug had traveled. She explained to Papa that the slime was similar to the stuff in her nose. Papa was a little surprised to know that she knew so much about slugs. I wonder what he thinks we do all day long.

Of course we had to come in and do a little more research on the Internet which didn’t last very long, as Selena decided she had enough information about slugs and went off to play with the puppy dog tail that now resides in our house.

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  1. My husband would have come back out with a salt shaker in hand - which would have led to a very different discussion. We only see tiny little slugs here, and only in the summer, in the garden, where they are not at all welcome!

  2. I love the way you wrote it, so cute.

    We don't have many snails here, which I'm not too disappointed about.

  3. Haha, Leah's comment cracked me up. It's great to be able to observe creatures in nature.

  4. I've had to hunt for our magnifying glass a few times, I leave it out for Anabel to play with as she pleases (its a big sturdy one) but the problem is that it gets lost in her toys. I am thinking of buying another one for me to put up.

    I laughed at the comment, "I wonder what he thinks we do all day". Sometimes my husband will proudly say that Anabel said something and he will be amazed that she knew it like as if she absorbed it out of thin air.

  5. Very cute post. I certainly prefer puppy dog tails to slugs!