Monday, January 17, 2011

Math Links

Selena has been working on her addition facts here of late. She is really getting them down very well. Math has been a subject that she has just been begging for. We have used a lot of different manipulates to learn addition and subtraction facts. On Sunday Selena found an old calculator that I had even forgot I had. She asked me what it was and how it works. Needless to say she caught on pretty quick. We don’t use these flash cards much at all, but I pulled them out for today. I showed her how to plug the equations into the calculator, then she was able to flip the flash card over to make sure she had the right answer, many she didn’t even have to use the card for, but it was fun to see her read the equation on the flash card, and know exactly what the symbols meant and how to use them on the calculator.

100_4231 100_4232 100_4235 100_4236 I am linking this up at Joyful Learners, Math Links.

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  1. Sooo cute - she's looks like a little accountant :)

  2. I remember back when I was teaching the kids would BEG to use the calculators, and being the mean teacher I was I wouldn't let them all that often.

    Looks like a she had a blast!

  3. We bought a huge calculator at the dollar store and it has become the most popular "toy" in the house. Selena looks so cute in that last photo.

  4. Loved going thru ur wonderful blog , the pup craft is so cute !!!

    - Smita
    (fun food ideas for little eaters)

  5. I see Selena got a haircut :) We haven't introduced a calculator yet, but we do practice our math facts on my iPod TeachKindergarten game.

  6. Our cash register functions as a calculator with games. You can teach patterns and skip counting using a calculator. I think I might bring a small one for the trip.