Sunday, December 19, 2010

Selena’s Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Selena’s birthday party. Oh she was so excited that all day she jumped around and could hardly restrain herself as she waited for everyone to get here. We had pizza, well Selena ordered pizza as she said that was Trinity’s favorite, but she then went on to inform me that all she wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich. I could have forgot the grilled cheese sandwich because Selena was so excited food was truly the last thing she was worried about.

100_4058 Our birthday girl was feeling rather excited. I took one picture and her eyes were closed, so I told her to stop and open her eyes, well I got an open mouth as well. We did arts and crafts. I had picked up some small wooden Christmas ornaments that the kids could decorate using felt tip pens.

100_4060 100_4063 They really had fun decorating them, though Selena was still so excited that it was her big day that she could hardly sit still at the table long enough for much. Trinity however had a lot of fun decorating hers.

100_4065 I had snuck the cake in without Selena knowing. She asked me if we had cake and I told her, “Oh No Grandma forgot the cake.” Selena knew that wasn’t true but played along. She did get pretty excited when we brought it out though.

100_4066 100_4069

Selena had found her presents hidden in our closet a couple days ago, so we told her that they were for Trinity. She tried to give her presents to Trinity, we all had a good laugh over that. One of her gifts she happened to be with us when we bought it. In order to accomplish this we asked her what was one toy she thought Trinity would like. She picked out a Beauty and the Beast Tea Set. I guess you know she was pretty excited when she opened it and realized it was for her and not for Trinity. She did have to hold it up and tell everyone where we bought it at.

She had a great birthday party. She is now very sure that she is 4 years old. Believe me she made out like a bandit as far as presents went as well. Everything from art supplies, fun bath soap, games, a Barbie horse and doll, to her tea set. Just think we get to do this all over again come Christmas morning.

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  1. Great pictures! She really does look excited :)

  2. I am so glad she had such a special day with her friend. I know how hard it is to fit a birthday in with Christmas. Happpy Birthday, Selena!

  3. I love how excited kids get! I'm glad she enjoyed her birthday party! My daughter would love that cake.

  4. Happy Birthday Selena!!

    She will have an exciting week with a birthday and Christmas.

    God Bless!

  5. What a great day! Love her smile in the pics! Happy Birthday Selena! Kerri

  6. This birthday cake looks lovely. It's great that you managed to keep the suspense going and to organize a wonderful birthday party for her.

  7. I think my favorites are the first and last pictures. Looks like she had a blast!

  8. Happy Birthday Selena and congratulations to you for this special occasion, I am sure that these four years have been wonderful for you and that they have just flown by!

    We have also told Anabel that all of the Christmas gifts are for her cousins. So everyday she goes to the tree and says, "is this one for Mya? Is this one for Alicia?" I can't wait to see her open them!