Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boredom Buster


One of Selena’s birthday presents was Mold ‘n Play Soap. Selena was getting a little bored on Monday so I thought we would pull this out and see just what it was, then she could play in the bathtub for a while.

It feels a lot like play dough. There really isn’t much for instructions in this package, but then I found out on the Amazon site that this is a refill package. While the cups lids do have molds on them. We molded each one and Selena picked one bar she wanted to play with. It does harden once it hits the water and does become more like bar soap. Selena is not real familiar with bar soap since we use body wash, so we did have to introduce her to that concept.

100_4081 We might have had better luck if we would have rolled it out like play dough and used the lid as a cookie cutter, but to be honest with the design I think it would be hard to get the bar out of the cutter no matter how you did it, and still have the shape and design look right. Selena was disappointed that it did not smell pretty, it really has no perfumes in it, which is probably a good thing for that sensitive skin.

100_4082 Close enough! No you are not going to get any bathtub pictures. Let’s just say that while Selena had fun in the bathtub, she would have had just as much fun with out this soap. Since it was a gift, we will use it and have fun with it. However, would I buy this product? Probably not.

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  1. R received one of these sets as a gift last year and it is still in the box. I think I'm going to donate it because her skin is super sensitive and after reading your review, it doesn't sound all that great anyway.

  2. We've had mixed results with bath sets like that too.

  3. I have seen where you can grate ivory soap then melt with some water in the microwave and make soap snowballs. I am sure that one of the kid's craft sites has how to do it.

    We are going to do a gingerbread house and bake cookies this week. It is in the 70's and is going to hit 80 today. So it is hard to keep Bri in the house.

    I am not doing any homeschooling this week. At least lesson wise.

  4. Sorry it wasn't more fun than that. I felt the same way about Anna's cake making playdoh factory. It looked better in the box.

  5. My kids get really confused by bar soap too - it's funny how things pass away.