Friday, November 5, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner

We are now into the 4’s, though Selena doesn’t officially turn 4 until December, she has definitely taken on the temperament of a 4 year old. She has suddenly even switched up her sleep needs and now goes to bed by 7:30 p.m. and just falls off to sleep. Some days she will take a nap, while there are still days when she just reads quietly. Evenings have been more of a challenge, as it is like she gets this great burst of energy after dinner and she seems nonstop. We are working on this and it is slowly beginning to fade.


We continue to work on our reading, Selena reads so many words now it is not uncommon to find her trying to read my blog posts as I type them. She reads every word I type that she knows and it is interesting how more and more of the sentences are becoming close to being fully read by her. I feel that I have to watch very closely what I type or write these days.



We continued this week playing a lot of Phase 10 Dice. Now I have made Selena a number line and she is taking more time to match up the numbers and then building her number line from the numbers she has left to find. This has proven to be a very fun game to her, and it has been fun to watch her slow down and really think, instead of thinking that she has to find the number from 1 – 10. She also changed the rules on me that W or the Wild dice is no longer usable. I would like to start introducing some of the true concepts of the game and see how that goes. Her world is continuing to open up to math, and she embraces any chance she can find to add and subtract simple math facts.


100_3819 Selena still has a great passion for maps. She is always thrilled when we just sit down and read the map together. She loves to point out the places we’ve been, as well as to map our routes that we take daily to the routes we have taken on our trips.


Dance went very well this week. I was actually able to slip away and go do some shopping without her complaining that I was gone. She listened very well to the instructor and learned many new dance steps.

She enjoyed making a FishDog this week, and even packed it to the library to show the librarians her fun creation, making sure they knew exactly what it was and why she made it.


Over all we had a good week. It is so fun to hear all of Selena’s questions, even those continuous why, what for, how come and are we there yet questions. It is so fun to watch her world expand more and more with each passing day.

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  1. That's great news that she is feeling more comfortable at dance.

  2. I am surprised that she isn't 4 yet. She looks tall in the photos and just seems older by what you write. My R will be 5 in March.

    It's great that you were able to get away a bit while she was at dance.

  3. It has always amazed me what a difference just a few months can make in a child's habits- sounds like Selena is growing up into a beautiful "big girl"!

  4. Thank you so much for linking your post to Read.Explore.Learn. I loved reading about all the reading your daughter is doing. I can't believe she sits and reads while you type.

  5. I haven't seen the Phase 10 dice game before...I may have to check into that!! I'm stopping by again from Preschool Corner link up.

  6. Yes, it does sound like Anna and Selena behave similarly in so many ways. Anna is also wild in the evening, but I like it. She is just very playful and full of energy - it's amazing that she can drop off to sleep so quickly after much roughhousing in the evening.

  7. So, you're going to have to start watching what you write is what I'm hearing.........

  8. I love that FishDog! How creative :)

  9. Oh yes...I've been concerned about that for some time. What if JC doesn't like her life publicized? What if SHE wants some privacy? I imagine that's when my blogging will have to end or change. It's going to be hard. On the ine hand, I enjoy being able to look back on the blog years from now but I also want to respect her privacy. Tough choices.

    I can't believe Selena is yet four! I bet her map reading skills are better than mine!

    I always notice a change in behavior around the half years. Usually around her birthday, JC tends to be calmer.

  10. What a great week! I love the picture of her with the map so sweet :-)