Thursday, October 7, 2010

stART/Math and The Penny Pot

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We heard about The Penny Pot by Stuart J. Murphy from both Joyful Learner and Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. It is a story about a girl who wants to get her face painted at the school fair, but doesn’t have enough money. As the other kids come in to get their faces painted they put their extra money into the penny pot. The book shows the coins and encourages counting the change as part of the story. Selena enjoyed the story and kept asking for our penny pot.

I pulled out our penny pot along with some other coins and a dollar bill. We discussed the different coins just like it is shown in the book and how much each one is worth.


Selena was quick to start counting out her pennies. I showed her how she could make piles of five pennies and we discussed how that would be the same as one nickel.

100_3619 She made a second pile of five and then added a nickel like we did with the first pile. We then discussed how the pennies now equaled 10 cents or a dime. We also talked about how the two nickels equaled 10 cents or a dime, just like pictured in the book.


At this point Selena had enough of the money game, well this one anyway so I grabbed her number cards and gave her the pennies and she had fun counting out pennies to reflect the number on the card.

100_3622 And Selena’s reaction to all this penny counting and her newly found game and book The Penny Pot:

100_3624I am linking this post up at  Joyful Learner’s Math Links, A Mommy’s Adventure’s stART, and JDaniel4’s Mom’s Read Explore Learn.

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  1. She certainly looks happy!

    How's the trip going?

  2. I am glad Selena enjoyed this book too. Anna's interest in money comes and goes - it's not something that she talks about much except to state that she already has a lot of money (probably about $2 in small change) in her piggy bank.

  3. Wonderful! I am finding so many new good books today. I know a few children that will love this book. Selena knows her money.Thank you for sharing.

  4. We read this book recently too. We played the game mentioned in the back of the book. It was great for my six year old, but I had to help my four year old A LOT. She is just learning the value of the coins and doesn't really get the idea that five pennies = a nickel, etc. We had fun with the book though.

  5. Looks like she enjoyed the book and the activity!

    If you stop by to see our stART project, then please check out the interview I did with Leah of Almost Unschoolers as well!

  6. What a sweet picture of her reaction. I think I found another book I need to keep my eyes open for. So many this week. The girls love getting their money and Tabitha loves exchanging money, especially for nickels right now, as she knows that 5 pennies equals a nickel. (Not sure if you've seen the post where I discuss this, but they get 10 pennies a day, count them out on a card numbered 1-10 and put them in a cup, then throughout the day they can use them for candy or lose them for consequences. Then the leftover money goes in their bank)

  7. Love the mathstart books! I have a friend who uses them with her third grade class yet they can be used as early as my little ones too. I think they are a great investment! It looks like she enjoyed her $ counting. too cute!

  8. The book looks great! Counting is a great skill to work on. I love that she made her own game.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  9. I like how you use number cards to have her count out the pennies! We also play the trading up game which JC LOVES and begs to play it over and over again. I'm surprised at how fast she's grasping the concepts of value through the game. So far, she's pretty good counting pennies, nickels, and dimes. She can count value of quarters through memorization but it's still hard for her to count up from 25 cents.