Sunday, September 26, 2010

Science Sunday/Suction

Selena has been having fun with the fact that she can make her glass stick around her mouth by sucking in air, so I thought a quick experiment with suction was in order.

What we used: a small jar with water, and a medicine syringe.

I first showed Selena how she could blow bubbles in the water with the syringe, then we sucked water up with the syringe. Sure these were not new games for Selena, but as we did this I talked about how we are first of all sucking air into the syringe, then by pushing the air back out into the water we create the bubbles, then we can use the syringe to suck up the water, and squirt it back out.

100_3563 100_3562 Then I put my finger over the end of the syringe and had Selena try to pull the air into the syringe. She quickly discovered no matter her efforts she was unable to suck air into the syringe, but at the same time she was creating a suction on my finger.

100_3564 100_3565 She decided when all else failed to try her teeth, which in no way do I promote or recommend, but I just loved how her little mind thought her teeth would be stronger.

We then filled the syringe with air and I again covered the end of the syringe with my finger and had Selena try to push the air back out. She quickly discovered that didn’t work either.


When we were done with all of this she ran over and showed Papa how suction works with her new found toy.

I am linking this up at Adventures of Mommydum.

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  1. How cool. I agree it's neat she thought to try her teeth

  2. Neat experiment, I like how she tested out her hypothesis

  3. Fun experiment - completely child-led where nothing is beyond her ability to try independently. Selena must have been so excited to try it all out.

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I've enjoyed revisiting your blog! What a fun, simple way to teach this concept!