Friday, September 10, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week 5 2010

preschool corner

This was a light week for us. With Labor Day and my CT scan we just didn’t have the time for a lot of formal schooling. We did do a lot through play, reading, and just discussing different things of interest to Selena.


We did half of her work in her reading and phonics this week. We will finish the rest up either over the weekend or next week. She continues to work well through her material, but as I keep saying she is so wanting to get over all this review. I consider jumping ahead, but I know there are new concepts being presented through this time as well as the review.


We worked on writing our numbers 1 – 9. I basically see the same thing with her numbers as I see with her alphabet. She knows how to write all the numbers, yet like her alphabet, she is lacking the self confidence, so insists that I cup her hand while she does all the work.


100_3480 We had fun reviewing the materials we have already learned. I enjoy seeing that Selena is retaining so much information, making comparisons, and identifying so much information correctly.


We found a green moth caterpillar and did a little examination and discussed how it will become a moth through metamorphous, Selena just wondered where it’s cocoon was. We also talked about it’s camouflage. Papa was quite impressed that his little girl understood these concepts so well, and could easily explain what these concepts meant. Papa often gets surprises like this since he isn’t home to see all that Selena is learning.


This week just seems like it went by with no real eventful other things for Selena. She did realize that if she takes certain rectangles and fold them in half she has a square. I think this is probably the first time she has actually demonstrated the concept of the difference between a square and a rectangle. She had so much fun with this activity. Next we will work on making a triangle out of a square.

I am having a struggle with one of her handbooks. I wasn’t sure that we really needed it to begin with, but since it was Kindergarten and not preschool, I ordered it thinking there would be some new concepts for her. I opened it up this week for our material to find a handgun pictured on the page. Maybe it is just me but I do not feel a child at 3 or 5 needs such a formal introduction to a handgun. I am going to shuffle through the rest of the book with a much closer look now to see what we will or will not be using from this book.

I had my CT Scan, which I mentioned previously and am happy to report all is well.

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  1. And going through the review gets you used to how it is done while it's not hard.

    Lack of self confidence is better than my kids who are trying to do too much and their handwriting is horrid.

  2. We're into hunting season here, so everywhere you look, someone is carrying a gun, or loading it into their truck, so we've had lots of talks about guns, what they can do, and why they are not for little hands.

  3. That's interesting the thing about the handguns. I guess it's culturally relevant. We don't have gun use around here so to see the picture probably would have been a surprise for me too...although JC already knows what they are through pictures books about the US and Revolutionary War. She also knows a lot about Redcoats and when she does pretend play, sometimes I overhear her saying, "The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming!"

    Glad you are doing well.

  4. I'm glad to hear the CT scan went well. And it's great that she's retaining so much of the information you're presenting. We had a pretty light learning week here too. I think it had a lot to do with the holiday, as you mentioned.

  5. I'm glad your CT scan results were good!

    And I'm with you on waiting until children are older to talk about handguns.s

  6. Well, Anna loves to pretend that she is going hunting. The other day she made herself a gun out of pipecleaners. I have only Little House in the Big Woods to "blame" for this gun-fiesta :) I wonder how Anna's handwriting develops this year - I agree with you that it's a matter of confidence and desire, not a matter of skill. In our case both confidence and desire are lacking even though the skill is emerging.

  7. I think thats great that she is discovering things about shapes on her own.

  8. Emily is the same way with lack of confidence for writing letters and numbers. She is able to do it but always wants help. I know that in time and with more practice she will become more sure of herself though. I am glad to hear that all is well with you!!