Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our First Day of School 2010/2011

Selena got up this morning to quite a surprise. Most of her work from last year had disappeared from our walls to be replaced with new exciting things.

100_3382 We actually have a calendar that we can reuse unlike last year when I made our calendars then got lazy and stopped making them. She had to put today’s date on it right away.

100_3381 I kept saying I was going to make a 1-100 chart last year and never got it made. Well, she has one hanging now on her wall. She quickly counted to 50 on it.

100_3384 She was thrilled to find this large map of the United States. I am not sure yet where I will hang it on the wall, maybe next to our US flag.

100_3385 This will be placed  on our white board for her to start learning to write on. You use wipe off markers or crayons on it. I loved the fact that it is large enough for her to practice, or to easily see me make the letters on, while seeing their placement on the lined paper.

100_3386 What child doesn’t like to use a chalk board? Well I found this small lap chalk board that is lined just like her writing paper, so she can now practice her writing and have less waste of paper.

We took a look through all our new books, she is pretty excited to see an actual math book and science book. She was so excited that this was all we did was look through them and talk about all the things she will be learning.

Then I pulled out something special for her to do while I put everything else away.

100_3375 They have a huge Dollar Tree store in Spokane, so I was able to pick up some of the things that I just can’t get here. She was thrilled to have beads and colored pipe cleaners, and went right to work beading. She had a pretty good pattern going of one blue, two red, for quite a while until she decided to swap it up for some greens and other colors.

100_3378 100_3379

A little later in the afternoon Selena wanted to look at her math book more, she practiced writing the number 1, and had a quick review of larger, smaller, and bigger. She then did a page from her new phonics book. She worked fairly independent through her work. All considered we had a good first day back to some formal learning.

I am sure she will have great fun this year with all her new things. As there are many other things I picked up as well from both the Dollar Tree and Learning is Fun. Learning is Fun is a huge school supply store. They carry almost anything you would ever want to find from supplement materials for every subject, to wall charts and posters. Art supplies, paper, clay, you name it you can find it at this store and the best part is you can shop on line!

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  1. Yay for starting a new school year! I hope it will be a very good year for both of you. Pipecleaners and beads are forever popular here too.

  2. First day of school- how exciting!!! We start the last week in Aug :)

  3. That store looks like a good place to go broke....... Or maybe that's just me.

    Of course I can do the same thing in Dollar Store, so I guess it's just a matter of perspective.

  4. Happy first day! It looks like your all set up for a good year. I'm not even going to click on your link for the learning store - I know myself to well to be trusted in such a place :)

  5. Great first day!

    Thank goodness that store is in the US hehehe

  6. I absolutely love the Dollar Tree, but I've only been like twice since I had the new baby :(.

    I bet Selena is really excited about all her new stuff!