Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary


Twelve years ago, Papa and I got married. Papa brought these roses home and surprised me. Look at the color of that center rose, it is the most gorgeous rose I think I have ever seen, kind of an off white with a real pretty purple center.

100_3396 We are spending our Anniversary the best way we know, taking Selena to the fair. Enjoying our special day with the special angel who has been placed in our care to love and nurture.

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We got up Saturday morning ready to go to the fair. The sun was shining! Get this it jumped from 45 degrees to 95 degrees in one day! With the humidity factor I bet it was 100+ degrees out. We headed off to the fair anyway. A wee bit disappointed as most of the animals had already been taken home from the extreme heat, so there wasn’t much to see when we got there. There were a few cows, sheep, chickens, and rabbits, but that was about it.

However, Selena did get to see two live elephants.

100_3402  We didn’t pay for her to ride though. Instead we headed her in the direction of the pony rides.

100_3404 100_3408 She was thrilled to be a little cowgirl for a little bit. She kept telling the horse, “Come on let’s go!” or “Go horse Go!”

She then found a little train that she had to ride three times which took her all around the fairgrounds, she didn’t want to get off it, luckily it was free.

We finally got so hot we had to leave. We were all sweltering, and having had way too much sun, we made our way home where we cooled off and Papa took us out to dinner to finish off our Anniversary. 

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  1. After all your cool weather I guess it's good to get some hot - but wow! Glad you all still had a good day. Happy anniversary :)

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I was laughing at your comment about the "extreme heat," right now 94 would be cool.

  3. I'm glad she liked the pony rides. Its funny, I just mentioned how hot it is over here in my post today. Its crazy how sweltering it is.

  4. I forgot that I was going to mention Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary! I am grateful that it rarely gets so hot in our area, but you finally get to see some sun and summer :) Love the picture of Selena on the pony ride.