Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Introduction to Yahtzee

We were feeling a wee bit bored with the cloudy weather, so I pulled the Yahtzee game out today. Using the basic principles of Yahtzee, I had Selena role the dice and try to build a Straight from 1 to 5 or from 2 to 6. I was very proud of her for recognizing the numbers on the dice by using the dots. Then we added a little competition to this game, by giving each of us 5 chances or rolls to build our Straight. Well, Selena won me 4 out of 5 tries, and we tied on two.
Selena found it a bit difficult to role the dice with her hand but quickly learned to use both hands. We didn’t use the cup as she had the dice going all over but in the box I was using to contain the dice in.
100_3220 I might have someone to play Yahtzee with in no time! I plan on using this as an extension to our math, and think I will add more of the Yahtzee concepts as we go along. I would love to have someone to play Yahtzee with again!
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  1. Yahtzee was always a big hit in our house growing up, and with 5 kids it was always very noisy too! Hope she loves to play and you have someone to play with soon :)

  2. I remember playing Yahtzee a lot with my aunt growing up. Kids don't even know they are learning :) That's the best kind of play, huh?

  3. I totally missed this post. Oh, I know it's when my computer restarted and I lost a bunch of blog posts to comment on.

    I love a game that's similar in nature called Farkle. When I was in the hospital before having the boys Jeff and I played it all the time.

  4. DYK that I never played Yantzee? I have absolutely no clue what the game is about, but it looks like fun. When we play dice rolling games with more than one dice, we use a cup and then just turn it close to the table's surface - it seems to work fine for Anna.

  5. Your post brought back wonderful memories if playing this game with my grandmother and later with my own children. It has reminded me to pull out my old Yahtzee game and introduce it to my grandsons. We have played lots of Uno but not Yahtzee. Thanks for your post. :)

  6. We loved Yahtzee, growing up as a family of four children. I can't wait until Immy is old enough to share in some of these classic games.

  7. My husband and I play Yatzee a lot. It's often a date night game. We'll enjoy teaching our girlies how to play it too. So much learning fun.