Friday, June 11, 2010

The Little Things

Yes, we took a break, but does one ever really take a full break from learning? Selena has wanted to keep herself busy with the little things. Anyway that is what I call them. She has a deck of cards for a matching game. She loves to play matching games and will play them for hours. Last night I was covering the picture and just showing her the word, she read the words effortlessly, such as Elephant, Umbrella, Frog, Zebra, Queen, King, Turtle, Mouse, Airplane and among many more her favorite was Ice cream cone.

While the sun was out we took ourselves out side and had plain fun. Though Selena wasn’t as active as usual, she took advantage of this time to draw with her sidewalk chalk, try her skills at hop scotch. We found different mediums to make music with and compare the sounds that each one made. We also tried our hands at rhythm patterns. Selena looked for letters and numbers everywhere and found many in sticks, twigs, and many other mediums that now lay in a pile near her swing set. We also looked at how we could combine sticks to make letters, such as A, H, Y and more.

There has been a lot of reading going on during this time, and Selena is enjoying discovering so many new words in her books that she is able to identify, sound out or simply read. Sometimes reading here is very much a team effort, in that Selena follows along as we read and takes turns reading the words that she knows, while we read the rest on the page. She has found a whole new interest of retelling the stories in her own words, which has been really interesting and cute at the same time.

We introduced show and tell here. That was funny, Selena had to go pick out her favorite toy, then come out and convince us why it was so special. At first she didn’t quite understand the concept, and thought we meant pretend play. I finally showed her what we actually meant, and she took off to go find her favorite stuffy.

Selena worked on her catching skills with her ball. She is getting very good at catching the ball, and also with her throw. Of course every so often I have to throw the ball wild just to watch her chase after it, I love to hear her say, “OH Mama, Now Look What You Did!” Then she has to return the ball to me, so that I will have to chase after it, pay back you know!

No, there are no great pictures to go with this post, as I left the camera on the counter, just so we could have some cool right down fun! Believe me FUN is what we have had, though Selena has been sluggish and not her normal busy body.

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  1. Sounds like the weather got better! And it sounds like a perfect day to me.

  2. I'm glad to hear Selena is having a lot of fun, without the camera :) but it is still concerning to hear that she is sluggish. I hope the doctor will find she's okay.

  3. Sounds like you've had a really fun week! It really is those little things that make the days so special.

  4. I agree with others - those "small" things add up to a lot of learning. I hope both our girls feel better soon - Anna seems to have caught the first stomach bug of her life, and it's so not fun :(

  5. You guys really needed to have some fun ....just what the doctor ordered. :)