Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschool Blog Hop #11 Family Pastimes

The thing I love most about my family is we all have different interests that just blend together. We have a lot of the same interests, but at the same time we embrace our differences and allow time for each person to do these things that they are passionate about.

Some of the things we enjoy doing as a family:

1. Nature Hikes….weather permitting we can usually be found out side discovering the world around us. We truly live in the best part of our State for this, as we have so many things to explore, from rain forests, ocean beaches, mountain lakes, mountain trails, to country life, and city life. No matter which direction we go in there is always something new to see and explore.

2. Sports….many times especially when the weather is not cooperating to get out side you will find us watching sports. We love baseball, basketball, football, and we each have a few sports that not everyone likes. We live in a great area for sports as well, from the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, there is plenty of sports events we can go watch in person as well.

3. Laughter….we always have a house full of laughter, each one with our own sense of humor that blends in harmony to keep laughter a continued sound in our home.

Some of the things I enjoy that my husband doesn’t necessary enjoy but embraces:

1. Long drives….I love to drive. I don’t care where I drive to but I love to drive. When we go out as a family I am the one always doing the driving. I love to go nowhere (basically just drive and see where we end up). My husband doesn’t mind these long drives, as many times he sees things he wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t taken a wild turn up a road not knowing exactly where we were headed. Selena just goes along for the ride, but does enjoy when we stop to explore.

2. Photography….I always have my camera close by. I love to take pictures of my family, nature, and just about anything I find interesting. Anyone who has followed my blog realizes I am not in very many pictures, funny how I love to take pictures but never have cared to have my picture taken. This is probably what is appealing Selena to photography as well. She is already asking for Santa to bring her a camera for Christmas.

3. Reading…I love to read, rather it be a good book, magazine or here on the Internet I love to read. I read with Selena all the time, and enjoy all the time I can find to read for myself.

4. Writing….I have always loved to write, from letters, blogging, journaling, and even poetry. I will sit for hours when I can and just write, sometimes about nothing at all but what I feel, or what I am seeing around me.

Some of the things my husband enjoys that I don’t necessary enjoy but embrace:

1. Fishing….my husband loves to fish. I use to enjoy fishing with my parents when I was younger, but they never knew the meaning of enough of a good thing and I burned out on fishing. I do however love to go and just watch my husband fish, rather it be at a lake, river or stream, I can watch him for hours fishing, just give me my book, camera, or tablet for writing. Selena enjoys just being out in nature, running back and forth between Papa and I telling us everything she sees.

2. Being a home body….my husband truly is a home body. He could spend all his free time when he isn’t fishing just sitting around the house. I suppose in a lot of ways this has been the hardest thing for me to embrace, as I tend to love to go, but I have learned to embrace it and realize it does feel good to sit at home too. These are good times for Selena to do some of the things listed below.

The things that Selena loves not included above, that she shares with us:

1. Reading! She can’t get enough of her little books.

2. Arts and Crafts!

3. Games, card games, board games, imaginary games.

4. Swings, bikes, water fun, digging in the sand or dirt,

Basically the normal child stuff!

I broke mine up like this as you see, grandparents, raising Selena we have had to come to the realization we don’t always have the energy that younger parents have, so we have had to learn balance in our world. We have had to embrace doing many things that we don’t always have the energy for, or figured we would not be doing at our age. I feel that it doesn’t matter what you do as a family, it is being together. Embrace your differences, and learn to enjoy every aspect of being a family, that is the best gift you can give to your relationship, as well as to your children.

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  1. My husband, and I love long drives, too. But, I have to say, the children are not as crazy about them. Like Selena, they enjoy it when we can get out, and explore :)

  2. It's a great post, and I learned a few things about your family I didn't know before. I am impressed that you find time to accommodate so many pleasure things. I, for once, hate being a driver. Ironically, when I lived in France, my boyfriend didn't drive at all, so I ended up driving on many driving vacations that we took together. Still I enjoy the fact that my husband is a designated driver on most of our trips.

  3. I need to join in on this one, it'll be fun to see what everyone has written.

    I am jealous of the areas you have to go see nature in your area.

  4. I too am impressed with all of the pleasure things you find time to do. Great post.

    I agree it doesn't matter what you are doing as long as it is together. :)

  5. Debbie, I have an award for you on my blog :)

  6. We have many of the same interests! :)

  7. Long drives -- they're fantastic!