Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Geography/History Wisconsin


I was so happy that we were able to actually get our Geography lesson in this week. I know Selena was sure excited as well. We read several books based on Little House about Laura Ingalls Wilder, from her younger days in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. Selena remembered this as soon as we began to talk about Wisconsin and had to run to find one of these books to show me. I did get a kick out of her though as her favorite Pastor is named Pastor Wilder, so she informed me he is indeed Pastor Ingalls Wilder! (I can’t wait to share that with him!)

We received two postcards from Wisconsin. The first one we received was from Brimful Curiosities.

Wisconsin1 The second one we received was from our good friends the Traveling Fenns. They visited Wisconsin on their way back to Virginia.


After looking at Wisconsin in my Atlas, Selena easily found it on her map. She chose to color it a gold yellow for the gold yellow color on the flag.



We learned a lot of interesting facts about Wisconsin, but I do believe Selena’s most memorable fact is that this is the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder. As soon as we were finished with this, she grabbed one of the books, and ran to the couch to begin reading the story independently. She didn’t know all the words, but she read the ones she did and filled in from what she could remember or from the pictures to create a unique story of Laura.

We would love to have you share with us what you and your child is learning in their travels through Geography/History. Link your post up below.

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  1. That's a very good state to pick during National Dairy Month :)

  2. Sounds like a fun lesson on Wisconsin!

  3. My post will be coming up tomorrow.

    I loved her page she made and how she came up with her own story for the words she didn't know!

  4. I think kids learn best if they can connect to what they learn. It's great that Selena loved learning more about Wisconsin. This is one of the few states I've never visited, but I am sure Anna would be fascinated to learn that some people still speak German as their first language there.

  5. Somehow I missed your post on WI! I recognise the postcard though. :) Author Kevin Henkes is also from Wisconsin, as well as Lois Ehlert.