Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shucking Corn

Tonight I decided to fix us some baked BBQ beef ribs. Now what would ribs be without corn on the cob? I called Selena into the kitchen and handed her the ear of corn. I asked her what it was, and don’t ask me why she said it was a worm, as she has seen corn on the cob before, many times. I asked her how we were going to get the corn our of it’s husks? She examined it for a long time, then little by little she began the shucking process.


Of course it was one piece of husk at a time!

100_2874 We have corn!


She didn’t know what to think of the silk, and asked me to get it off her. I told her honey that is a part of shucking corn, and to wipe it off into the garbage can. She was all on her own with this project.


She began to realize she could take more then one layer of husk at a time.

100_2877 It got stuck at the bottom of the corn so…


She turned it upside down!


She worked hard, but yes she did shuck this entire ear of corn. Of course I was able to shuck the rest in the amount of time it took her to shuck this one ear, but boy was she proud of herself! She then helped clean up the mess she made on the floor.

By the way dinner was excellent. My recipe for baked BBQ ribs:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut the Ribs into serving side. I use a glass baking dish, and pour a small amount of Longhorn BBQ Sauce, or any flavor that your family loves in the bottom of the baking dish. I place the ribs with the fat side up, and then pour more BBQ Sauce over the top of the ribs. Cover with foil and bake for an hour. As for the amount of BBQ sauce that will depend on how gooey your family likes their ribs.

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  1. So fun! She did a great job shucking corn! I can't wait until corn is in season here!

  2. My kids love to shuck corn too, and they also freak out about the silk. It's the end of the world when it gets on them.

  3. Now I seriously crave BBQ ribs. Anna had the same reaction to the silk last year - she didn't do any corn shucking this year yet.