Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jump Start for Wii Review


We received our Jump Start for Wii. The graphics are great, getting the game started is a little difficult and may need some adult supervision. Selena understood what to do but to have the eye hand coordination was something else. Some games she found easier then others. Just like with any game though. She did seem to like it and did not get that frustrated except when the arrow disappeared on her, but it didn’t take her long to figure out how to point the controller to get the arrow back on screen.




My over all thought on this game. I do believe that Selena would do better with the computer version of this game. Will I get the computer version, no, as I feel she will catch on to this and do fine with it. She has now been on it for an hour now and is still going strong even though she hasn’t made a lot of progress. That tells me that this game is going to hold her interest, improve those fine motor skills, and so far we have not found a game that has been too far advanced for her knowledge.

I am sure we will still find other games that will be more advanced for her, but that is the reason I bought the game. I do recommend this game to anyone looking for something to teach hand eye coordination, along with early math and reading or just plain fun games. I am sure the more we play it the more things we will find. This is going to be one that I will have to really sit down after she goes to bed and find my way around so that I can direct her into some different areas. She is having fun with it though!

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  1. Thank you for the review! I didnt realize that there was a JumpStart for Wii. I just got an old version of it for our computer, but I know that Mustang would prefer to use the Wii.

  2. We have WII, but no games for Anna yet. Selena looks too funny with that remote control. I hope she will continue to enjoy the game, she has great staying power :)

  3. My boys still play on the computer version nonstop. It's really kind of funny.

  4. I def. think we will be getting this game sometime soon! Looks like she is having a blast playing!