Saturday, April 3, 2010

What We Are Reading

This week has been an off week for reading here with all our appointments. We read a lot of different books while waiting in the waiting rooms, and looked at different magazines. We did fit library in Thursday morning and found some cute books. I wanted some Easter books but of course they were all checked out by the time we got there. I had only had our library books in my car for two days trying to get to the library but didn’t make it there.

princesspig Selena got a kick out of this book,Princess Pig by Eileen Spinelli Illustrations by Tim Bowers. As this little pig tried everything to be a Princess, during the entire process all the other farm animals just kept telling her why she couldn’t be a princess. After the pig goes through all sorts of amusing antics to prove she is a princess, the farm animals finally give in and make her a party for a princess. It is during the party that pig decides she only wants to be a pig. Selena says this is her all time favorite book, but of course they all are you know.

myshadow My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated by Ted Rand is a classic poem that I remember as a child. “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more that I can see.” This was my pick at the library, this was one of my favorite poems growing up. Selena really enjoyed the poem, and the illustrations. This is a book I wouldn’t mind buying for our little library.

akittentaleA Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann, is the cutest story about 4 little kittens. The book explores all 4 seasons, while the kittens are awaiting the first snow fall. They have never seen the snow before but from some pictures they stumbled across, so when it does snow of course they don’t know what to think. Three of the kittens are scared of the snow, but one little kitten he sure wasn’t and dove out the door to explore. Selena enjoyed the antics of the kittens through the different seasons. It is a cute read and has very nice illustrations. 

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  1. I get the "that's my all time favorite" here too. But, I think Princess Pig does look super cute.
    And, I've left an award for you, it's a time sensitive award (for Children's Miracle Network), not to guilt you or anything :).

  2. We've really enjoyed some of the other Spinelli books - I think Princess Pig would be a big hit here, too.

  3. I bet M would love Princess Pig! Thanks for the recommendation. Very cute about it being her least for now!

  4. Princess Pig sounds very cute, and I like the cover of A Kitten Tale too. Thanks for joining and sharing your picks!