Monday, April 26, 2010

Reading & Writing

Selena has been asking for her Curious George game. Actually what she wanted was her Curious George puzzles. We put two different puzzles together, she does very well at putting these together with very little help. She then told me a story about each puzzle.


Selena’s Story:

Curious George is flying his kite. The kite is yellow. Curious George is in the sky. Curious George is walking in the sky. He is a flying monkey. Curious George is smiling. He flew up in the sky. The End.


Selena’s Story

Curious George is playing ball, baseball. Curious George has a bat and a cap and a ball. Curious George is going to hit the ball with his bat. The End.

The love how natural her little stories flow, she is really toning in on the sequencing idea. The only question I asked her to get these stories was, “What do you see in the picture?”

She has been doing a lot of work on her writing skills. I would say that she can now write over half of the alphabet, upper case, and is discovering many of the lower case letters now.




She prefers to do her writing this way now and has lost interest all together in the Kumon workbooks. She also practices just on paper with her crayons or a pen. She is also working on learning writing her numbers as well in this same manner.

In the evening it is not unusual to find Selena and Papa snuggled together watching baseball.


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  1. I love natural story telling moments. Anna is still very much obsessed with dinosaurs, so her story are all about them, and she keeps playing with her small dinosaurs that I gave her. I am impressed with Selena's handwriting - Anna still has very little interest in it even though she can do almost all capital letters if she wants to.

  2. Selena is such a smart kiddo! And I love the snuggle picture. So cute!!

  3. Selena's making excellent progress with her letters. My youngest likes to print out her name, and her sisters' names, but after that it's all squigly line writing.

    Very nice picture with Grandpa, too :)

  4. Awww, that final picture is adorable.
    I really need to work on their handwriting, just to add in more things to work on.....