Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Geography/History #12


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Ohio2 We received this postcard from Tonya at Live the Adventure. This is her home State. She told Selena that one can stand on the shore of Lake Erie, hike through Hocking Hills State Park and that it was home to 8 Presidents.

Selena wasn’t as quick to find this State on the map like the others. Maybe it is because it was so near to Indiana which confused her since we had that State colored in. Anyway she finally did and decided to color it red for the bird on this postcard.

Ohio We had fun discovering some interesting facts on Ohio. It is nicknamed the Buckeye State. The State flower is a carnation, the State animal is the white tailed deer, which Selena informed me we have around here.  The State insect is the Ladybug, and did you know they have a State beverage? It is Tomato Juice!

Ohio1 We would love to have you join in our Geography/History carnival. We would love to see what you are learning in your home. Where are you and your children going? Link up the post below.

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  1. Great lesson for Selena on Ohio State. I am always impressed with her ability to find states on the map and to color them so neatly. It will be a great memory for her from her first geography lessons.

  2. A ladybug is almost as nice as a butterfly for a state insect. Selena is doing a great job coloring in the map! I love her logic for picking the colors.

  3. I'm amused because North Carolina's state bird is also a cardinal. And they're state beverage is milk. Now, doesn't that just sound like something a state legislature sat there and went what should we say? I know, MILK!
    Great coloring job by Selena, my kids don't color neatly at all.

  4. I love how you color in the states like that. I need to get my hands on a blank US map and maybe a world map too.

  5. This sounds like a good study of Ohio. I love that she chose to color it red for the bird on the postcard. We've found a few states with state beverages...and they've all been milk! It's nice to see some have other choices!

  6. Her notebooking pages are turning out beautifully! Hey, I even remembered something...I had forgotten that Tomato Juice was the state beverage.

    I have a GA postcard to send. Did I send one of Arkansas? Couldn't remember what we'd decided on that one. Blessings!:)