Friday, March 5, 2010

What My Child is Reading


Natalie over at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns hosts this great weekly carnival. It gives us a great opportunity to share what we are reading with our kids, and is a great way of learning about what others are reading.

We walked to the library on Wednesday. I told Selena it was library day, so she quickly rounded up all her library books from the last two weeks and had them neatly stacked on the couch waiting to go. She then checked the weather outside and since the sun was out informed me that we would not be taking the car but walking because it was a beautiful summer day. A little off on her season there, but it was a very pleasant spring type day.

Our library has teamed up with Target for a Family Read-Aloud program that started March 2 and goes through April 12. You are asked to read a book aloud with your child everyday during this period, in different rooms of your house. They give each family a poster with pictures of different rooms of the house and stickers. You place stickers on the room in which you read a book with your child. Then you can enter for a drawing for a suitcase or backpack of scholastic books from Target. So we are definitely all over this! Saturday they are having a special story time with a magician reading telling the story, I think Selena will enjoy this.

Kissitbetter Kiss it Better by Hiawyn Oram illustrated by Frederic Joos, is a cute book about a little bear who keeps hurting herself, but Mama is right there to quickly kiss the hurt away and give her a band aide. Then when Mama bear looks like she is hurt, the little bear wants so badly to make her feel better, but she isn’t sure where she hurts. It has an adorable ending. Selena laughed so hard through the book, and just loved the story line. I have to admit I thought it was a very cute book myself and got a chuckle over the ending as well.

EmilysoutandaboutbookEmily’s Out and About Book by Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D., and Peggy Post, illustrated by Leo Landry is a book that we tried once before but it didn’t go over very well. I found it again and thought let’s just try it again since I really enjoyed the book myself. This time Selena really enjoyed it especially when she found the map inside the front cover. There you go our geography again. Selena tried so hard to find our house from the library on the map, too bad it isn’t a map of our town or she would have. She did however know which building was the library, just from the words. She is reading more then she wants any of us to know, and I have been saying that for sometime. Anyway back to the book, it is a simple story about a little girl who is going on an outing with her mommy for the day. They discuss manners and the proper way to act in public places, from using library voices when looking for books, to waiting quietly in the Drs office, to how we cross the street, and stay close to mommy in crowds so as not to get lost.

mouseacookie This book sounded familiar, I believe someone else shared this book, I just don’t remember who did. Anyway If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laural Joffe Numeroff illustrated by Felicia Bond was another huge hit in our house. Selena loved the story line and found the illustrations quite funny. I too thought it was a very cute book about what might just happen if you give a mouse a cookie. I felt it was a good book to introduce the concept of sequencing in the way that you could keep asking, and what do you think will happen next?

To see what others are reading to their children visit Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. Hey while you’re there share with us what you are reading in your homes.

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  1. Kiss it Better sounds like it would be a winner with my youngest - I'll have to check it out.

  2. I agree Kiss it Better sounds cute! Sammy love the give a mouse a cookie book.. we own that one and read it at least once a week :-)

  3. The cover on Kiss it Better is really cute. Now you have me wondering what is wrong with Mama bear!

  4. I LOVE all of the "If YOu Give a" books.
    I think I'm going to have to find "Emily's Out and About Book." My kids could use the reminder about manners. And they're into maps again randomly, so they'll like looking at the map in it.

  5. Thanks for joining this week, and it sounds like your library has a lot of programs to get kids reading. We go for family story time every Saturday in our library, and it's a lot of fun. I am going to look for the first two books on your list - they sound very interesting.

  6. The first two sound good; I think I'd really like the Out and About one too. And of course the Mouse books are wonderful!

  7. Jacob and Aslynn loved If You Give A Mouse A Cookie when they were small.

    I love reading about all of the books that you are reading to Selena, so I gave you a reading award on my blog:)