Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Selena’s Art

Selena is going through an art strike of sorts. She doesn’t want to do anything that is considered an art project. This is how she spends her time doing art. Doodling!

100_2193 Her Apple


You might have to click on the pictures to enlarge them to see, but yep she drew a perfect apple. I would love to have her doing more formal art projects again, I miss working on projects with her, but this is what she wants to do these days.

letter This was a letter she wrote me last night. She told me it said, “Dear Grandma, I miss you. I love you. I don’t want to read anymore tonight, no more reading tonight. Love, Selena!

There is her art in a nutshell for right now!

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  1. This sounds so much like Anna. I am trying, however, to kick start learning to write letters here. Oh boy, that didn't go over well. In fact it was so bad, it was almost good and will probably deserve a separate post :)

  2. It seems like Selena is really focused on her writing right now.

  3. A girl who knows how to express herself and know what she wants!!! LOL!

  4. Oh, her letter is so cute!
    And it's a great apple she drew.

  5. she definately knows what she wants! So cute!