Saturday, March 20, 2010

Selena and Her Piano

We usually discourage Selena from playing on the piano, as we do not want her to think it is a toy. When she is ready we will get her piano lessons. First we do have to get her piano tuned though.

Tonight while I was doing dishes I heard plink, plink, and so I grabbed my camera from the counter and retreated to the living room to find this:

100_2244Yes, my living room is a disaster! We moved her big bed into her bedroom today and so she had to entertain herself in the living room. Boy I think she had every toy she owns pulled out, well maybe not all of them, but enough of them!


100_2247 Now are those piano fingers or what? She was upset though that she couldn’t work the pedals, and asked me if I would work them for her as she played. Funny girl!

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  1. Very cute! I have a terrible time keeping the youngest off the piano, especially because the older sibs get to play. But, every once and a while, their plunking sounds almost song like, and I just can't bring myself to chase them away.

  2. Very sweet. Selena looks like she has been playing the piano for a while - well poised.

  3. Those are great piano hands.
    My Mom keeps saying that we can use her piano whenever we want to teach the kids, but hers hasn't been tuned since we moved to Texas....

  4. It's awesome that Selena has a piano and will be able to learn to play it once she is older. Anna loved a keyboard at my parents' place, and we will probably also get our own when she is a bit older. I love the snapshot of her hands - so precious.

  5. So cute! Totally piano fingers! My husband family is very musical so they let Sammy play the piano since he was a baby. However, they have always said that he has to use his fingers. If he gets going and starts hitting it or not playing like an instrument he has to get down. Its so fun to watch them play and learn on instruments :-)