Thursday, March 4, 2010

Preschool Corner/Weekly Update


As I mentioned in my Geography post we did not do a lot of formal schooling here. I am beginning to feel better and feel my cold is breaking up so we should be back on track next week. We did have a lot of fun playing, reading, and informal learning.


With the discovery that Selena can read her first book on her own, she has made many other discoveries. First and my favorite is that she is truly desiring our reading time together again. She is once again grabbing books and begging me to read them to her. I love it! I guess her discovering what reading really is all about has brought her books more alive to her. Either that or she is thinking that with this new found independence she might lose something that I think she was taking a little for granted, our time together cuddled up reading together.


Though we didn’t do any formal math this week, Selena surprised herself and counted all the way to 50 very successfully. She has definitely figured out the pattern and I bet it won’t be long and she will be counting to 100. With this being the case I am going to push a little more out of our math, with learning to add and subtract simple equations, counting by 10’s and try counting by 2’s.


Selena is discovering more letters that she can write independently. She is also beginning to relate to getting mail and  wanting to write actual letters to people. She dictates and I write, but she is so proud of what is going into the art of her letter writing. She leaves Papa notes all over the house.


Selena is loving this postcard exchange and the doors it is opening up. She so carefully examines her postcards and has them all figured out which one we will look at next. She is becoming so aware of the map and when she sees one she tries so hard to figure out what is on it. She now knows that she actually lives in Washington State, a part of the United States of America, she can locates it easily on the atlas, and that she lives in a town called Montesano, which she locates with ease as well, right down to her street address and is able to locate where our house is on the city map.


Selena has not wanted to do any formal art these days. She is too consumed with doodling, drawing, coloring that when I mention doing an art project she rejects the idea and grabs her crayons and paper to retreat to herself to draw what ever comes to her mind. She loves drawing her family, complete with clothes on the stick people and glasses on Papa’s face. She loves to trace her hands and create all sorts of animals, objects or abstracts that she can from her tracings. She is finding her own sense of creativity.


We missed dance this week. Selena got up so early Monday morning that she was pretty tired even with a nap come dance time. That was fine by me, as I was really feeling the affects of my cold that day.

She loves her Sunday school class, and chants her memory verses all the time. Saturday while in Walmart she went through the store chanting, “As for my house, I will serve the Lord!”

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  1. Wow - Selena's independent drawing and writing seems to be taking off big time. It's great that she wants to write so much - it's possible that she will figure out writing before reading as many other kids I know.

  2. What an amazing little girl! Sounds like a busy enough week to me!

  3. She is doing such a great job! Instilling good reading and writing skills at an early age is one of the best things you can do for her! Good job to you too!

  4. It's incredible that she has caught onto such things at a such a young age! I'm in awe, way to go Selena AND teacher!

  5. How sweet that she's chanting her memory verse!
    I was lazy this week. Okay, it was more I was busy this week and we didn't get super a lot done. I'm guessing it will seem like a lot more once I start writing my posts for next week..... It always does.

  6. Yay for Selena's writing! It's sweet that she is leaving notes around the house for Papa. I absolutely love their writing at this is so precious!

  7. Selena is such a sweetie! I love when the wheels start to turn and you can see them "get" the patterns to numbers!