Friday, January 1, 2010

Wow! A New Year! and Postcard Exchange

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I have sat here today and enjoyed Michael and Selena’s company. Selena is really getting independent here on the home front and is asking so many wonderful questions. I look forward to really digging in deep this next year of her growth and getting all her little questions answered.

She seems like she went to bed one night and woke up to be this big girl. We finally achieved total potty training! Well, she still wears a pull up at night, but wow what a difference it makes now that she actually goes in and doesn’t need a bit of help from us. It is so nice now to not have to worry what time of day we will have to wear a pull up as she didn’t want to do the messy job in the toilet. Now to just get the outings down and everything will be perfect.

I know I still owe a few of you postcards and those will get sent out this week. I had not forgot a single person I promised a postcard to, and should have had them out before now, but hey we got so wrapped up with Selena’s birthday and Christmas, they just got sat off to the side.  So look for them to be arriving, and thank you for your patience!

I am going to be blogging once a week on something we have learned from the postcards we have received. Some of the things we will be looking at is, a map to see where the cards came from, your blog, so Selena can see who they came from, as well as her most important curiosity at the time is the make up of a family.

I encourage you to share with us what you are learning. Yes, I will be hosting yet another blog carnival, but I feel this one will be very fun and interesting for our children. Look for our first post to be probably Thursday. You can link up anytime you are ready.

Also if you still would like to be apart of this, please let me know and Selena and I would love to exchange postcards with you. For a reference to how this looks check out my post here.

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  1. I haven't sent out any postcards yet, I meant to do it on New Year's Eve while we were out, but I totally forgot to stop by the post office. I will have them out no later than the beginning of next week, for sure!

  2. Yay on potty training, and I am looking forward to your geography posts. I am looking forward to doing more geography with Anna this year, we'll see how it will work out.

  3. We are just about to begin the potty training journey as a little someone doesn't like to wear diapers that are, uh, used anymore. Thus, a fair bit of running around naked has begun as said little person disrobes as soon as his diaper is used! Ah ha! I said to myself- time to potty train!
    Oh & Bubs & I would love to do the postcard thing! I'll email you our address and you'll email me yours? Is that how this works?
    Also- what homeschool company are you using for Selena's school work?

  4. I am so excited about the geography lessons coming up in our home as well:)

  5. We have not sent out our postcards as yet. But we will certainly be doing this shortly. I am really looking forward to this experience and learning a little more about the places where our blogging friends live.

    Yeah for potty training. We still have a loooong way to go with this. Once Troy is back at work, mid January, we have a couple of weeks where we will be mostly at home, so we are going to make a big effort then to work on this. Savvy is very reluctant to use use the toilet, or potty.

  6. Congrats on potty training! We're still working on that with Princess.

  7. We've received postcards from Washington :-) and from Costa Rica so far. We have a few others due to us and we're looking forward to getting them. Thanks for organizing this! BTW, I have an award for you on my blog:

  8. I too am looking forward to your geography posts and way to go on the potty training too!!

  9. We would love to participate! I am sure she would like some Florida sunshine!

  10. I would really like to be part of this ... if that is still alright? You would be getting a postcard from Germany. Have a great day! :-)