Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progressive Phonics

As many of you know I just love Progressive Phonics and recommend it highly as a teaching tool for reading. I heard about it from Natalie as Mouse Grows Mouse Learns, and agree with her that this program does work well.

When we started the short vowel “e” book, Selena was not that interested in sitting down and doing anything with the book. I knew she already could read many of the words, but really was hoping that she would show me her ability. I decided during our break, that while I am not a huge fan of having Selena learning from the computer at this point, I would use their option to read the book on line. It was a huge success tonight and Selena actually read almost half the book from the computer. So tomorrow she gets to add new words to her phonics wall! I know she will finish the last half of the book within a couple of weeks and then we will be off on the next adventure.

She pulls this on me all the time, she knows things that I am trying to teach her, and because she knows it already, she just shuts off or refuses to do it. This is why we are not farther along in the Progressive Phonics as I feel we could be. I know we will run into the same issues with the next book too! We have to be very creative here in this house to get her to actually confirm what she knows! She definitely keeps us on our toes.

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  1. It's awesome that Selena renewed her interest in Progressive Phonics. I have to admit that we had to use some creative bribing in the beginning. First it was putting stickers on each page we read. Then it was a piece of chocolate after we read five pages. It worked, and now "reading words" are part of night routine.

  2. Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it!

    I have an award for you over at my blog

  3. We just started using Progressive Phonics as well. Abby did really well with book 1. I am going to print the activity sheets for her to do as well.

  4. It's award season! I have a couple of awards for you in my blog. :-)

  5. Thank you - I will incorporate it into our reading lessons! :)