Thursday, January 14, 2010

Preschool Corner Weekly Update


This has been one of those weeks in our house where we accomplished so much, but with few pictures or real formal learning.

Phonics: Selena is almost completely through her second book in Progressive Phonics. Since we went to reading her book from the computer her enthusiasm has gone through the roof. She wants to read it nightly and wants to start from the beginning and work clear through to the end. Next week we will do her flash cards and see how many new words we can add to the phonics wall before moving on. She has also demonstrated her ability to spell some of the words, verbally. Selena is reading her smaller phonic books so independently as well.

Math: Selena loves to work with her Pattern Blocks and has now demonstrated that just by looking at the pattern knows exactly how many of each color and shape she needs to finish the picture. She loves to use the shapes for sorting. She uses numbers more frequently and in proper context to what she is talking about.


Geography: We continue to send and receive postcards though we haven’t taken much of a look into them at depth. She knows they are her postcards, and is just thrilled when one rolls in, yelling “My mail!” We mapped our house, which Selena is still going on about. Today we watched carefully for landmarks and things we recognized on our 40 mile trek to Olympia. We have been talking a lot about direction, right from left, and plan on looking at N. S. E. and W. here soon.


We do need to get more science into our home. I have a few ideas just need a week that we don’t have so much going on to facilitate them.

We didn’t do much art this week. Selena did make a Noah’s Ark at Church on Sunday while she joined me in the Children’s Church. She colored a few pictures today at the Drs office while she waited for me. Yesterday we did some writing exercises, I am still not pushing the handwriting, but Selena got to write on her own tablet while I wrote in mine. It is nice to see her scribbles flowing from left to right, and becoming more defined and staying within the proper lines, so I know writing is not too far off. Even her circles were very uniformed and within the lines on the paper.

We are taking less school pictures and more fun pictures, as last year we got caught up in too many pictures, and Selena got very tired of it. So enjoy the fun posts I write about and know that our school posts will have very few pictures.

Physical Activities: Dance, Dance, and more Dance. Selena is practicing her Tap Dancing every night. She really does seem to like it and I am surprised with how much she learned just in one lesson.

100_1963Believe me it is hard to get good pictures of her tapping her feet!

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  1. Cute! I totally love the picture of her tapping her feet.

    Sounds like you guys are doing wonderful things in the learning department :)

  2. It's awesome that Selena likes dancing so much, and I hope that she continues to enjoy it. It's awesome that she took to Progressive Phonics on the computer so well - it will also save you some printer ink :)

  3. oo love that dancing picture.. thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  4. Love the tapping feet pictures!
    Sigh, the weather did not cooperate for us to get our geography done. Maybe next week. I wanted to go around our neighborhood and map that. Oh well, soon.
    I have total camera hogs who are constantly demanding I take pictures of them. Usually when they're doing totally silly things.

  5. You always get so much done.

    Reading all you do in all the areas makes me feel like I need to do more:-).

    I have got to vamp up our math!!

    Cute picture of Selena dancing.