Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mommy Baby and Baby Baby

I was busy cleaning up the kitchen. I could hear Selena playing. She wasn’t too quiet so I didn’t think she was up to much to worry about. You know that quiet quiet when our kids are doing something they know is totally wrong. Well, that just wasn’t the case. She was busy talking to herself and I could hear her baby doll every so often.

I returned to the living room to find this mess:


When I said, “Selena you haven’t done this in a long time. Why did you think you had to pull all your toys out into the middle of the floor?”

Selena looked up at me and said “ Look I found  Mommy Baby and Baby Baby!”

As you can see the Mommy Baby is kissing the Baby Baby!


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  1. This is a sweet site Debbie!

    I know you thought so too when you find it:-).

  2. You call this a mess??? This is normal in most houses we visit :) Too sweet about Mommy Baby and Baby Baby.

  3. how cute! I'm with Natalie, that's not a mess in our house. Okay it is, but it's a daily occurrence and clean up.