Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing up!

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I have been sitting here looking through pictures and realized that WOW Selena has matured and changed so much from when we first started homeschool in August. The first picture was taken the first part of September in our Cloud Unit, the second one taken today.

She has come so far in her self confidence. Her studies have become more complex. Her fine motor skills have developed so much more. I remember in the beginning I had to help her so much more with all our projects, now she just moves through all her worksheets, activities, art, reading, math all by herself.

I miss so many things from the earlier time, her excitement over discovering what glue was all about, her excitement when something truly just clicked, sometimes I just miss the innocence of our school. Now she moves through her activities with a total different type of excitement, discovering different abilities, so much more confidence.

I know that I will sit here again and discover the differences from now and what is happening in her little world several months down the road. I love to see her growing up, watching her change, learn, using what she learns, but I also miss the days when…..

I feel very blessed everyday and am very thankful that I have this opportunity to see her through each step in her journey of growing, learning, and becoming all that she can be.

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  1. They do grow so fast! I have a senior in high school, one in 10th grade and one in 8th. Now I am homeschooling my little darlings from my new marriage and it still amazes me how fast they are growing! I think it will be cool to look back over my blogs next year and see how much they have grown.

    May I ask how old Selena is?
    Oh and just for the record, the postcard is on the way. Unfortunately I haven't had much success on my blog, but we are looking forward to the 2 postcards from the 2 sites I learned about the exchange on.

  2. Wow ~ Selena looks so grown up. It happens so fast. ((Sigh)) Good thing you're taking time to enjoy every minute of every stage! I'm trying to, too!
    Oh & btw ~ Thanks for the postcard! We're looking for a good one to send to precious Selena in response!

  3. I know what you mean - every month I write Anna a letter, and it's fun to look through something a few months back and see how she changed. I enjoy her growth and I still enjoy the moments when she is being a big baby - wanting to be carried or cuddled. I know that they are not going to last for long, so I am trying not to rush her into independence and enjoy this transitional phase for a while longer.

  4. Don't blink, you will miss something. The time goes way to fast. I am loving this second trip through homeschooling and kids.

  5. Wow, she has grown a lot. You really don't realize it until you look at pictures that are a couple of months apart, and then you see the differences.

  6. OH do I know what you mean. I have these feelings every single day!

    That is one of the reasons I blog, to document these things in words and pictures. I love to go back and read my blog entries from a year ago.

    You are doing such a great job helping Selena every step of the way and growing right along with her I'm sure!

  7. Oh she has grown a lot. What a sweet little baby face she had in September. Now she is such a pretty little girl.

  8. It is bittersweet. As much as I would love Savvy and Blake to stay just as they are and stop time, I am also excited about all the new adventures we will embark on and new experiences we get to enjoy because they are getting older. I can relate so well to what you are saying in this post.

  9. They grow up too fast!! What a blessing that you are able to spend so much time with her and give her one of the greatest gifts of education!