Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art Box

paint palette

I tried something a little different with our art box this week. I didn’t just give Selena a box of art supplies to see what she would create, because usually when I do all she does is cut and paste.

I decided to just give her white paper and her crayons. She drew some lines, then proceeded to trace her hand.


After she finished tracing her hand, she asked for her scissors so she could cut her hands out. I should say she was trying very hard to follow her lines, she did very well until she had to turn the page. Her cutting is definitely getting better all the time! And hey she used her right hand this time instead of her left!



Then she insisted on having glue, so I gave her a piece of construction paper and her glue stick. Here is what she came up with.



Then she informed me that it was fuzzy ears!


To see what others are doing with their art boxes visit Tired Need Sleep.

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  1. That's great that Selena is trying to cut out the outline of her hand. And, I see the fuzzy ears - very creative of her!

  2. That's great! Gosh, you know... I put together and art box for Maddie and have yet to introduce it. Geesh! We're supposed to have a rainy day tomorrow, and that might be the perfect time for it!

    Love her creation! :)

  3. Love that last picture! Way to go giving her the "bare minimum" and letting her create!

  4. I love the fuzzy ears! Very cute!

  5. I love her fuzzy ears! I really love the last picture where she's putting them up to her face - SO adorable! She cracks me up, the little sweetheart. :)

  6. Wow, she's already trying to cut out the outline of her hand. Caleb still struggles with this. She is so creative.

    If you stop by my blog I gave you an award.

  7. That is an awesome display of creativity hard at work! Love it!

  8. It's funny - Anna did almost the same thing this week. I was saving it for my week in review post, but she was also tracing her hand, cutting and pasting :) No funny ears though - she wanted to make it into a card for Oma and Opa.

  9. LOVE it!! Fuzzy ears--very creative!

  10. Yeah, when I give my kids stuff they always want to do the same thing every week. Narrating the entire time as they do.
    I thought it amusing because when I saw the bottom picture of Selena I thought beard, not fuzzy ears.