Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What We’ve been up to

We are still on a no school schedule this week. I am not sure that will last as long as I had hoped for, I do believe Selena is itching to get back at the books, so to say.

She has been very interested in sentences, wanting me to write short sentences for her. She then tries so hard to read them, most of the words used in the sentences she knows, so she is really working hard on trying to learn the other words.

She has been very interested in her last name this week. We have wrote it several times, and she has pronounced it phonically. She now recognizes her entire name and understands that her first name is written first, then her last name.

We received her hidden puzzle magazine from Highlights. Selena has had so much fun looking for the hidden objects. She does very well at locating them without my assistance, and many times finds them before I do. A few times I have to give her hints of where the item is, but not too often.

Something else that Selena has really wanted to do this week, is tell stories. She tells stories all the time, but she wanted me to write them down. Here is one she wrote today,

My Christmas Tree by Selena

My Christmas tree is green. My Christmas tree has red, green, blue, and yellow lights. My Christmas tree has Christmas balls. I like the smell of my Christmas tree. My tree has a red and white skirt. There is an angel on top of my tree. She is so high I can’t reach her. I want to climb my tree, but Grandma says I can’t climb the tree. There are handles I can hold to climb, but Grandma keeps saying no.

(The handles are the branches)

Selena also discovered the Paint Program in my computer:

selena paint2

selena's paint


We hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. How cool that she has you write down her story. i sure enjoyed reading it!

  2. Joe loves those Highlights Hidden Pictures magazines. His grandma got him a subscription to it and he just loves when they come in the mail.

    Selena's story is precious. That is a hoot about climbing the tree with the "handles". I love to write down Joe's stories too. It will be so entertaining to look back on them in years to come.

  3. I love Selena story - especially about climbing the tree part. Anna just concocted a story about "naughty" children staying up waiting for Santa Claus and then Santa Claus didn't come because they were "naughty". She is just a rule enforcer - just like her papa :)
    The paint program pics are pretty cool - it's great that Selena is already so comfortable with the mouse.

  4. what a great story. You should have her make a picture of your tree and then stick her story on the back. Love that she calls the branches handles!

  5. I never thought of letting my kids try the paint program, what a great idea.