Thursday, December 10, 2009

Preschool Corner/No School


We have had so much going on here between finishing up for Christmas and Selena’s birthday, I decided to put any formal learning on hold until maybe the New Year.

We didn’t do much in the line of Christmas crafts this week, I wanted to keep this week focused on Selena’s Birthday, I know from experience how easy it is for a child’s birthday to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays since it seemed like that is what always happened to my birthday.

Would you believe we only did two crafts this week? Yep, that is right only two. We didn’t even read any Christmas books, we stayed focused on Selena’s birthday and the planning of her two birthday parties. Though Selena did make up a few real cute Christmas stories to share with me. We did watch a couple of Christmas movies at the beginning of the week, a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie, and Santa Buddies.

I got such a kick out of her last night as she reenacted her birthday party with imaginary cupcakes, and she had to make sure I knew she was only putting three candles on the cupcake and after she blew them out she made sure I knew she only took 3 off. Then she devoured it all over again.

Our art work this week was basically the Art Box, and then our little stART project the girls did at Selena’s birthday party. Selena is so excited about her real birthday that she didn’t even want to do any art today, and I had a hard time even getting her to read with me. All she is talking about is birthday.

100_1843 Her Art Box


stART Project

I don’t know that we will do much in the line of formal schooling now until after the holidays. We will do some more art and I hope to do more Christmas art with Selena, though she hasn’t been much in the mood for the Christmas colors, I guess red and green are not her colors. We will just see what direction Selena chooses to move in.

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  1. It's great that you were able to follow Selena's interests so well and let her enjoy her birthday to the fullest. I think it's tomorrow? Happy-happy birthday to her!

  2. Sissy's birthday is close to Christmas too, as in Dec. 23. We are totally going keep the two different. I know exactly how it is! Mine is Jan. 7, and I always got an "little extra" at Christmas cause of my birthday was around the corner. I vow to keep Sissy's birthday as special as she is! Then we will celebrate Christmas! ~smiles~


  3. Happy Birthday Selena! So glad she gets to enjoy it as a separate day from Christmas!

  4. We're probably going to be doing much the same. Not super a lot of formal learning, but lots of Christmas crafts and reading Christmas books. And I did the same thing for the week going up to Princess' birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to Selena. :) Sorry I missed it earlier.

  6. That's so sweet and cute to reenact her birthday!

    We are taking off the next couple weeks after this week. Actually beginning Thursday. I can't wait! I think I need this break more than the kids:-).

    Selena is such a smart girl Debbie. I love reading what y'all do, school or "no school".