Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book Review “Where is God?”


“Where is God?” by Dr. John Townsend is a book that tries to answer the question that many of us ask, Just where is God in our time of need, pain, struggles, and it also looks at why God allows these things to happen.

Dr. John Townsend is very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with life issues, given he is a psychiatrist. He makes some very good points throughout the book, uses some good examples, and is constantly attempting to answer this question from both a biblical and physiology side.

I first heard about this book when I heard Dr. John Townsend talking about his journey to the Antarctic. I thought at the time that this sounded like a very interesting book, that I might truly enjoy. I read about his adventures again in the introduction of the book, and was glued to his ability to bring his adventure to life. How out there in the middle of the cold and ice, he found himself along with the others he was with in trouble, and facing a challenge of a life, that could have had two totally different endings, one of survival, or with one little mistake one not so happy.

When I started to read the first chapter of the book, I soon lost the zest for his writings. He jumped around between a biblical approach of looking at situations in everyday life, to that of a psychiatrist to the point that the point of the book became lost somewhere in between the two worlds that he spoke from.

I feel that while he is strong in both areas of his life, his faith and his profession as a psychiatrist, he lost the main purpose of this book by trying to hard to blend both worlds. I often found myself just getting into a topic, only to have him take a twist in his focus and losing my attention.

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  1. It's a shame the book was so disappointing, because I'd love to read something like that right now. The funny thing is I think I've heard of him before, or maybe heard him referred to, I'm not sure.

    Can't wait to read more reviews.

  2. I appreciate your review! I can tell that I too, would not enjoy this book from your description. Thank you! I look forward to more reviews.

  3. Thanks for an honest review!! I hope you continue to post these sorts of things. I find it very helpful.

  4. I loved the book, but I posted your viewpoint on my blog for a good counter POV. I think a number of Psychologists struggle with walking the line. It is something good to bring up.