Monday, December 7, 2009

The Art Box

paint palette

Today Selena asked for her open art box, that is what she calls it. At first she wanted her story art, then decided she wanted this instead. I fixed her box up and had put red and green paper thinking she would make something for Christmas, only to be informed she wanted orange.


At first she just colored on the orange paper, then she wanted her scissors and glue, so I gave her a piece of yellow paper, thinking she would cut the smaller paper and glue it on the larger paper, boy did I get fooled.


I think this is her finished project. She was still busy playing with the orange paper.


At this point of starting to eat the glue, I decided yep this is the end. The little yellow paper with the orange pieces glued on it is the final project.

To see what others are doing with their art boxes visit Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep. While your there try setting up an art box for your child and see what he/she can create.

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  1. LOL, she is so funny - all her experimenting (and tasting!) with the items is part of the whole learning about them and what they can do - I think she did great. I am so impressed that she actually asked for it! That is a new side to the Selena I've come to know! :) I love her yellow and orange masterpiece, and the fact that you quickly snapped a picture of her eating the glue before you took it away is hilarious! :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. This story and the last picture really cracked me up. I wonder what was going through that mind when she was experimenting with her paper.

  3. Tis just made me laugh out loud. I have never understood why children enjoy eating glue. Love her creativity.

  4. Selena obviuosly had a plan as she was so clever to ask for what she needed. It looks like she has chosen to go for a minimalist look!

    Thank goodness you had the opportunity to have your photos of Selena taken a second time, even though this should not have been the case. It really takes a talented and special photographer to capture children's personalities. Your family photo is gorgeous and the one of Selena is so sweet. Selena's dress is adorable.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I thought Selena's story that she read to you about the colours and numbers on the Christmas tree was very special. What a treat to have Selena read you such imaginative stories.

  5. I'm lucky none of mine have tried to eat glue yet...... Emphasis on yet.
    I always wonder what goes on in their heads when they make projects like that.

  6. This is a great idea. I need to get one together for Joe. I know I won't link up or anything, but it looks so fun. I know he would enjoy it.