Saturday, November 21, 2009

What We Are Reading


I was so happy that we got to the library this week. We took an opportunity between storms and found some great books. We have a lot of books in our library but it is always nice to read something new.

sillytilly This is a cute story about how Tilly the Mouse and all her animal friends come together to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoyed reading the story with Selena. While this was not one of Selena’s favorite picks, the illustrations did not hold her attention, she did enjoy the story. I feel it talked about Thanksgiving not being so much the food we eat but about the friends and family in our lives that we should be Thankful for.


Nuts is a cute story about a little mouse who needs to gather nuts for Winter. The nut tree is quite a trip away with a lot of dangers in his path to get there, but off he goes only to come home empty handed, but to his surprise his friends have a surprise for him. We enjoyed the illustrations and the adventures of the mouse.

custard Custard Surprise was one of the greatest hits this week. It is a cute and hilarious story about two pigeons who decide to open a diner only to discover that their menu does not meet the wants of their customers. They endured through it all though and pleased their customers, with a grand funny ending.


Babybug is actually a magazine subscription offered at Cricket. This was Selena’s pick from the library this week. It is a little book for each month of the year. This one for November and December has cute stories and rhymes that Selena really enjoyed and had fun learning. After just a couple times of reading this, Selena was definitely off reading it by herself. While I would be willing to subscribe to this magazine for Selena I believe I would choose a different age level. This particular one is for ages 0 – 3, but I can see where like many of our books here in our home, Selena would out grow it real soon.

To see what others are reading head on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. While your there share with us what you and your little ones have been reading this week.

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  1. Thanks for joining this week. We haven't read any of the first three, and they all sound like great books. Anna loved BabyBug and LadyBug when we got it from the library at my parents' place, but after looking at the options I chose High5 as her Christmas subscription gift.

  2. Wow, great picks this week! I'm going to see if we can find Nuts at our library. :)

  3. I wish our library had the Babybug magazines. Custard Surprise sounds like one Matthew would enjoy - thanks for the recommendations!

  4. We've loved checking magazine collections out of the library as well. Let's us see some fun stuff we wouldn't have otherwise.

  5. You always manage to find books I've never read! Thank you!