Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week in Review

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This week we worked on the letter “Ii”. My first idea was to look at inches. I showed Selena a ruler and she easily counted the numbers on the ruler. As I cut strips of paper in the sequences from 1 inch to 10 inches, I could tell Selena wasn’t getting the concept. She did however figure out the pattern of every other color and smaller to larger. I got a kick out of her calling her pattern a saxophone! I know she meant xylophone!


So our study moved from inches to Patterns. Fine we can go with the flow! Using this Selena was able to make more patterns on her own. Selena was so proud of herself that she could figure out the pattern theme with her colored feathers.

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Wednesday was not a great day for schooling. I think she got frustrated with the flag at first. It just didn’t seem right to her to only be working with one color (just the red stripes being glued on the white paper), if I ever do this again I will do both red and white and have her glue them both to poster board hence her pattern work. I love her little pouty face!


Selena now has her first patch in Awana, now I just need to sew it on her uniform. I was ready to move on to the story of Noah, but Selena informed me that she wanted to hear more about Creation. She informed me that God created everything, only God can create things, and everything He creates is beautiful. Now I couldn’t argue with that. We were thrilled to know that while she has been memorizing her Bible verses, she is also coming away with a true understanding of what she is learning. This was probably the highlight of our week!

After our 2 weeks off from formal schooling, I was very proud of how well Selena did in her workbook work. I believe she needed a break.  She even tried to write the letter i. Usually she shies away from trying to write the alphabet.






Selena and I were glad to back in school. We talked about a lot of things as always. She discovered this week she has a belly button just like Grandma, and that while PaPa’s eyes are brown he has a blue ring around both eyes, that fascinated her. We also started on her second book in Progressive Phonics. Once again she is doing very well with her phonics. She still loves her calendar and counts on it every day. I am finding her sitting and just counting to 30 and sometimes higher with no prompts and nothing to count, just saying the numbers.

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  1. She has such a cute personality. I love how she is in such awe of everything around her. Even he Pa Pa's eyes.

  2. I love it when you realize kids are internalizing what they are learning. And way to roll with it and switch stuff around to what she was interested in! :) {that pouty face is cute!!}


  3. That pouty face is really adorable. Really, really adorable! How wonderful that she is really understanding all you are teaching her about God! It sounds like a great week back in the swing of things!!

  4. Oh my is that pouty face cute.

  5. It is a very beautiful thing when they understand and want to talk about God's truths.

    Loved the worksheets and indian headband.

  6. I love the pouty face - what a great photo! It's awesome that Selena catches on to abstract concepts such as patterns so readily. We also have "a counter for fun" here :)

  7. That pouty face is too cute!

    I love the way they draw their lines to things when they are so young--so "wavy". Such a fun age, priceless, we are both very blessed!

  8. What a cutie looks like you had such a great week!!!

  9. What a fantastic week :) She is too cute!

  10. Oh, I just LOVE that pouty face!!!

  11. Great week. She has the cutest pouty face.

  12. Love the pouty face!

    The patterned feather activity is really neat. I'm going to try that with my guy soon.

    I'm also very interested in Progressive Phonics...I've read about it several places lately, and I'm planning on checking it out this evening!