Monday, November 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I am sitting here watching the water just pour off the roof of the house, it is not just dripping but looks like someone has a hose on top the roof and has it turned on. The winds are starting to blow again, so yes it is raining sideways. The rain is hitting the roof and ground with such a force that it is actually bouncing like a rubber ball. We are under flood warnings and high wind warnings through I guess tomorrow! The winds howl like a freight train and the rain pounds down so hard at times it sounds like hail hitting the roof.

I had hoped to get to the library this week, but so long as the weather is like this we will be once again staying in unless we just have to go out. We will have to be content with the books we have here in the house even though we have read them so many times we about have them memorized.

Selena was not feeling well over the weekend, she started running a fever on Saturday and had me up off and on through the night. Sunday she continued to run fevers through out the day, then by bed time she started complaining about her stomach hurting. She had a tough time falling asleep and I don’t think she actually did until about 10:30 p.m.

She wanted to do school today, so we got everything ready only to have this:


She kept shoving the paper back at me and going back into this little pose of hers. I guess she is still not feeling well. Either that or her 6:00 a.m. wake up was too early for her or a combination of both. Yes, it was lovely at 6:00 this morning when I awoke to a flashlight in my face being told the light was too big! What she meant by that was beyond me at that time of the morning. I just wanted her to go back to bed, so I could sleep for another hour at least!


This is her now, fast asleep taking a nap, Minnie beside her, leg hanging off the bed, sucking her thumb, sweet as can be!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad weather. I don't know I love rainy days but at the same time not really. By the way your page looks really nice.

  2. I would stay in too!

    Sweet photo. My children often sleep with their legs hanging off the bed too. I could never sleep like that.

  3. I forgot to write that I hope she feels better soon.

  4. Poor girl! I hope she feels better soon. She is very sweet even when she is sick.

  5. I hope she feels better soon, poor sweet thing. I can't believe she can sleep with her leg off the bed like that. Wow, she must be exhausted.

    I really hope the rain stops, at least for a day or two. But not until Selena feels better. You all want to be able to take advantage of it. =)

  6. I think we've all had moments like Selena's where we just don't want to do what we thought we did.
    My little girl would be so jealous of her blanket. She's a big Disney Princess fan.