Friday, November 27, 2009

Preschool Week in Review


This week, Papa and I just tried to enjoy Selena. We played into her imaginary stories, teaching Mini how to drive a car, oh and especially making sure she wore her seat belt, continued to teach Elmo to potty train, seek Elmo’s blanket, and many many other games that Selena made up as we went along.

She discovered all sorts of things in the house and in her toys that she practiced making patterns out of. Her favorite by far was her Tall Stackers and Peg Board set, her Shape and Color Sorter and many other things.

We listened to all different types of music, Selena put on her ballerina slippers and danced around, or did the country swing with Papa. We sang funny songs, some we made up as we went along and some that we know by heart from some of her little CDs.

Selena tried to put a swing on her Alphabet this week, instead of saying each letter she made the phonic sounds of each letter from A-Z, she amazed even me as she did this without even looking at the Alphabet.

She counted up to 30, and only got mixed up on 15 and 16. She discovered her birth date is December 14, so now when you ask her what she wants for her birthday she announced it is December 14.

She became more interactive with a couple of the cartoons we allow her to watch, Super Why, she now points out the letters they ask for, or the words that they are looking for. She does the stretching exercises on Sprout at night, and does them quite well by the instructions given on TV.

She asked for some arts and crafts so she did one project totally by herself, and then we did one together.

100_1784 100_1786

After this week, I have decided to take step back in our schooling, we will be doing our individual letter work, with one large project at the end of the week. We will work on one theme throughout the week, building upon this final end of the week project. We are going to pull the felt board out with the felt Alphabet and let Selena start exploring words as she sees fit. She will use the games and raw materials given to her to do what ever pattern work she desires to do. This should be a great time of year to step back and allow her own natural exploration take over in our little classroom, as we enter into the most magical time of year for children, Christmas!

I don’t know what carnivals we will actually participate in except two, this one and What We Are Reading. Other then that we are leaving it up to Selena to figure out what she wants to do.

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  1. It's great that you are trying so hard to give Selena time to absorb what she already learned and to figure out what she wants to learn next. I hope that you will be writing about it as you go along.

  2. Sounds like a great week! Just enjoy that precious little girl!

  3. I agree, perfect time to step back. We are too--I really want to enjoy this year's Christmas as never before now that we can with the blessing of homeschool! I hope you do too!

    You did have a good week too by the way--thanks for sharing it!

  4. The great thing about learning at home is the ability to allow the children time to really absorb and digest what they are learning.

  5. Selena is such a fortunate little girl to have a homeschooling grandmama who cares so very much about her and puts so much thought into "school" for her. You are doing a great job and I really enjoyed hearing about how you are simplifying things and letting Selena take the lead in her schooling.