Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our New Car Nightmare!

I posted last week on how my sweet husband surprised me with a new car. If you remember he drove home a 08 Chevrolet HHR.


Well, on Saturday at about 2:30 in the afternoon we received a phone call, there was some problems with the financing. We had been approved but they couldn’t go over the details over the phone we needed to come in and discuss it in person.

We jumped in and went right down to the dealer, as we pulled around the corner they were pulling our old car out of the fenced yard, we both, I guess you could say freaked! When we discovered that our old car kept going we quickly realized that someone was test driving it.

Ok, the nightmare begins! The bank has approved us for our car loan but is now wanting an additional $3000.00 that is right three thousand dollars additional down. It is Saturday, where are we suppose to get that kind of money on Saturday. We talked about it and decided even if the bank was open there would be no way that we would go that much. We explained this, and asked what else they could do for us within the terms we previously agreed to. It took forever for the finance person and the manager to figure this dilema out, and as we waited we looked at quite a few other cars. We kept coming back to an 08 Saturn Vue, but figured there was no way we would get into that one, since it would probably require the same $3000.00 extra down.

Well, to our surprise, we ended up test driving the Saturn. My first reaction was no way, the car definitely had some problems with the transmission, that was very obvious. The salesman and finance officer told us that they had another Saturn just like the one we test drove that was in better condition, and that would be the one we would be getting, if we liked it. It was a hard decision to make since all we had to go by was this one that didn’t drive very well. So we finally said ok, but with the stipulation that if we didn’t like the one they had in mind for us we could look at something else. They let us use the troubled car as a loaner until the other one came in.

Yesterday, I got to pick up my new car:

Saturn I love it! And yes, it is in much better condition the loaner car we drove. Got a kick out of Selena when we went to pick it up all she could say was, “ANOTHER NEW CAR!”

I truly believe that God intervened here as I know we will like this car better then the HHR, it will be better if we get snow in the winter time, and I feel will last longer, it just seems like a better built car. So now our New Car Nightmare is over, (WE HOPE)! We are happy, and I am thrilled that this one seems to even have more room then the HHR, so I don’t feel quite so lost not having the van.

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  1. Good grief. Buying a new car is not fun. The last time we did it I felt like we were being taken advantage of almost the whole time. No matter what, you are spending tons of money on something that will start depreciating right away.

    On the flip side though, it sure is exciting to get in it and take it home. Plus, I have been without a car before and that is really no fun.

    So I hope this one works out well and that no more problems come up. And Selena is too cute.

  2. Yikes! I'm sorry that was going on, somehow I missed your comment last week about the new car. But, I'm glad that it all worked out in the end.

  3. That's quite an ordeal. I am happy that you have "another new car" now, and I hope that it will drive well and last long.

  4. I used to have a Saturn, drove it for many years!

    I am glad this ended up working out for the best. I hope you enjoy it now for good:-)!

  5. Yikes! An extra 3000. AFTER the deal has supposedly closed??!!! I've never heard of such a thing! I'm delighted it ended up working out so well for you. Sounds like some very creative God-work here, as you said!
    Btw- I've emailed you my home email address a couple of times . . . did you get it?
    Your friend, Dea

  6. Phew - what a nightmare indeed! Glad it all worked out!