Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Are The Leaves?


I entitled this Where are the Leaves for a very good reason! While many have commented on how beautiful it is here where we live, and truly it is, there is one down side that I must admit drives me a bit crazy. Autumn has always held a special place in my heart and was always my favorite time of year, but here it is just so different.


Yes, this is a picture a took last week! Our leaves are still in the tree! While this has been an unusually dry year over here, we still get enough moisture that the trees hold on to their leaves for a long time. It takes a big storm to blow in to shake the leaves out of the trees. Sure we get a few leaves that drop here and there but they are so crunchy and dry that there is no fun to be found in them other then to pick them up talk about them and well, that is about it. I have this year been able to squeeze a few projects with leaves in with Selena, but believe me they haven’t lasted as the leaves would fall apart upon doing much with them.

I was looking forward to this weeks post, and had hoped that the weather would stay as nice as it has been so we could venture out to the river to see if we might find some different leaves, but my hopes soon became disappointment since we had a storm blow in this morning. Yes, there are a lot of new leaves on the ground (not in our yard, as our little tree is too protected) but it is also cold, windy, wet, and rainy……so I guess you know we were not able to do what I had hoped to do.

I would love to share with Selena the Autumns I remember growing up where the leaves would fall and we would rake them up to jump in them, toss them in the air to have them fall down on our heads, do all sorts of art work with them, but mostly just enjoy Autumn! Oh, well she will have to learn to enjoy her world around her just the way it is, as I too am having to learn to do. I will share my stories with her, and maybe plan a trip to my home town next year to share what a true Autumn really looks like. For now though we are staring out the window at the full leaved trees, and the soggy wet leaves that did blow out of the trees in our storm today!

Please visit Mommies Wise Little Bookworms and see how others are enjoying their Autumn, and should you feel led please join in on the fun!

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  1. I think you have a beautiful attitude about it all. Selena will learn to be content with what ever and where ever God puts her. That is very important and something many adults struggle with.

    I do hope you are able to go to your hometown next year and share those memories with her.


  2. We struggled with wet weather too. Soemtimes Mother nature does not cooperate when we want it to. Here's hoping that in the future it will for you and your daughter.

  3. I have been a bit disappointed too with our weather. Our leaves haven't even turned yet!! Still waiting so we can do some leaf collecting and leaf projects too.

    Good luck with your weather!

  4. We had a pretty big storm yesterday, and now a lot of soggy leaves are on the ground. Definitely not too suitable for art projects, but hopefully better weather will visit both of us soon.

  5. we have tons of soggy leaves drying right now as we speak! its been gray, cold and winter is here early!

    love that giant tree